Yang Zi Talks About Being Dubbed as a ‘Flow Star’

yang zi flow star
Ever since appearing in 2014’s Battle of Changsha, actress Yang Zi has seen her star steadily rising with notable hits like the five women helmed drama Ode to Joy and xianxia Ashes of Love under her belt. As one of the "new four dan actresses of the post 90s generation”, Yang Zi has become one of the most bankable rising stars in the industry, often dubbed as a “liu liang流量 celebrity.  If this term is new to you, a liu liang celebrity is essentially a high traffic star that generates a huge volume of clicks and views because of their popularity – the more in demand they are, the higher their commercial value. 

When asked in a recent interview about what she thought of people referring to her as a liu liang celebrity or flow star, the Go Go Squid! actress reveals that she doesn’t really get it  – “it’s like when everyone used to say qing yi  (青衣 refers to dignified and serious female figures in Chinese opera) and hua dan (花旦 refers to a vivacious female star in Chinese opera) when I was younger. Everyone said I was qing yi and I really didn’t know what that was about. Later on when I acted in a few costume dramas, people then said I was a hua dan. I didn’t particularly understand what was going on!

She said that as an actress, being labelled a flow star is in no way a negative term.  In fact it’s a good thing! “Because that means everyone likes you, that the younger folks like your work. It’s great that they see me as a role model, although that holds a bigger responsibility for me.” Yang Zi further adds that she hopes she’ll be able to lead the younger generation who like her work to aspire to better and more positive things!

Being a flow star is well and good, but at the end of the day, Yang Zi mostly wants to be remembered as an actress.

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  1. Yang Zi is definitely a certified most outstanding chinese actress. For the first time, in my life to like her since i watched battle of changsha. Like her acting and i find her cute. Since then, i researched and browsed her i
    info in the internet. I do watched her other movies and drama series but sadly to say I don't understand chinese but i patiently wait for someone to translate. Also, my first impression for her, Yang Zi is simple lady but with a big heart as well Yang Zi is very pretty and beautiful and sexy on her own way. Like her. Wish her more success as being certified good actress. God bless.

  2. her acting in Battle of Changsha imo is her most memorable performance for me I think she did that role so well.

  3. I love her in Battle of Changsha too. She and her twin brother were outstanding.

  4. She's a good actress but keep being stuck to playing similar ditzy role. Hope she can keep challenging roles with more depth to grow more as an actress.

  5. She's likable and CAN act well. But honestly other than Battle of ChangSha, I haven't really liked any of her roles. Let's hope Oath of Love gives her a stronger character and better material to work with.

  6. OMG I totally love her more and more. She is the most outstanding person now, in terms of personality and how she view things, and knows how to share them with everyone.

    She is a serious actress, at the same time, an idol, so what? I love how she explained that. It's not about the label, who cares? People love you that's all it matters. And she also loves people and treat everyone nicely too, she deserves to be loved.
    And what more? She didn't even fight about, oh I worked so hard and so serious but people only label me idol. She is so remarkable!!!

    She is getting out of those ditzy roles, she didn't turn down those roles because she didn't have the best resources back then and needed to work. That has nothing to do with challenging roles, because she wasn't even given the chance.
    And what is challenging roles anyways? Play a sweet girl, then a devil girl? That trend so old already. Also, just because you are given a very different role from the old stuff doesn't make you better, what matter is not what role you get, it is, did you play those roles correctly? And it's about the dedication.

    She worked hard no matter what roles given to her even (when they are repetitive), she would perform her best and didn't just act poorly because oh the role isn't good enough you know. When she gets better roles she appreciate them. Unlike some actresses these days that are given good roles but couldn't even dedicate good acting for the nicely written character, sometimes they don't even understand their character enough to play too.

    1. Lol who hurt you? Did anyone even say anything. Yang Zi fans take offense for every little thing.

    2. More like who hurt you Anon 6.a
      Don't know what offense you took, every little things hurt you, you should be asking yourself.
      I can't see why you are hurt by the comment, unless you are just being jealous of every little things others have, while you (or your idol) don't have them.

    3. If that's your definition of challenging role, then you need to go back to school. Can't believe there are people who don't even know what kind of roles considered challenging roles. You must be watching a lot of low quality stuff. Go improve your taste.

    4. You learn that in school? Wow, it's only logic and you need to go learn them, I feel very sorry for you. So you're obviously hurt beacause of the challenge thing, funny how you framed me. Is being so rude all you learn in school?
      If you know how to pretend to act nicer, I don't think it ain't that "challenging" for these idol actresses to play nice roles or evil roles, it ain't hard. What's hard? Finding good scripts. That's what these idols (smart ones) are fighting for. And their roles are not what matter as much.

      And some artists are as dumb as you, that's why they ruined some good shows by not understanding their role enough and only play for the sake of thinking their new role is different.

  7. More importantly, Yang Zi is a great actress that can bring life to whatever role she challenges. So, it is okay if she is "typecast" into a certain role at the present moment because we all know she has the skill to tackle other roles. I am just happy that her "ditzy" roles all come with a good story behind it. So her "typecast ditzy" label did not come in vain. Additionally, Yang Zi is a great role model and person so her popularity is well deserved.

  8. personally i don't mind seeing her in the typical roles, as well as her characters are positive, could influence people do good things, have a positive impact and such. it is true she is an actress and people want to see her in different roles--but again, for me, the most important thing is her complete package: as an actress, a role model, and a human being that aims for better.