When Photographers for Hire Go Too Far: Zheng Shuang Flees and Angelababy's Fan Gets Attacked

daipai angelababy zheng shuang
Oh my. Overzealous dai pais (代拍) are once again on the prowl with their lenses trained this time on Zheng Shuang who can be seen making a run for it on her way to security check! The actress's trip was not on her official schedule, she had no bodyguards and just one assistant. Thank goodness for the security check lady otherwise she would’ve been chased all the way into the plane. 

zheng shuang chased by celebrities for hire
Celebrity run-ins with dai pais have been gaining more attention recently since their crazy actions have oft ended in not so desirable results – people’s travel plans get delayed, fellow travelers get inconvenienced, someone gets hurt .. why even the usually even tempered Hu Ge was recently spotted angrily telling photographers to stop taking his pictures!

Angelababy had it worse though when one of her fans got attacked recently by a dai pai at the airport. Now dai pai which refers to taking photos of celebs for hire and selling celeb photos to fans who can’t personally be there to greet/send off their favourite star is fast becoming super lucrative, fans and dai pais are now forced to battle it out with each other to get the perfect spot to photograph celebs. Obviously things can get ugly. 

angelababy celebrities for hire
Which is exactly what happened when one of Angelababy’s fans got held down by the neck over the rail of a walkalator by a dai pai! Eeek! Pretty extreme huh! Luckily staff intervened and Angelababy also personally checked to make sure her fan was alright. 

With things going the way it is right now, perhaps airports should probably start adopting stricter measures to make sure everyone stays safe. But seriously though, fans and dai pais should totally get themselves a chill pill before people get hurt from their stunts!

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  1. china's 'safety laws' are non existent at this point. Poor girl that must have been scary that's assault.

  2. Isnt it time for airport security to do something to prevent such chaos. Accident waiting to happen.

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  4. that dai pai should be punished for harming that girl

  5. Sheesh. FANS - they're crazy. I'm 14 years old and am a lot more mature than that. I have an idol too - Yang Mi <3 - but I won't try to injure another fan to get her autograph, take a selfie, say hi, etc. Poor celebrities. It's like they can't live their own simple life without getting bombarded.