Upcoming Chinese Dramas November 2019

Please check back as more premieres are announced.

who's not rebellious youth
Who's Not Rebellious Youth (Nov 3 Mango TV
Two brothers who were raised under different circumstances have their lives interchanged. One lives as a student while the other suits up for work and meets office lady Tang Shi, thus marking the start of a series of mishaps. Starring Yu Menglong and Mao Xiaotong

The Life of the White Fox
The Life of the White Fox (Nov 4 Tencent)
A fox demon cultivates behind closed doors through the help of the spirit pearl. With only a few days left until he completes his training, an unexpected encounter ruins everything. The fox is mistaken for a samoyed and sent to the vet while the spirit pearl falls into the hands of the young woman who recklessly barged in. Starring Guo Junchen and Lu Zhaohua. 

flavour it's yours
Flavour It's Yours (Nov 7 iQIYI)
An accidental kiss sparks an unexpected romance when a wine critic with perfect taste and a girl with no sense of taste find that their senses have switched. Starring Simon Gong Jun and Song Yiren. 

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