Tang Yan Shares How She Knew Luo Jin was 'The One'

tang yan luo jin
Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin are like the fairytale couple of c-ent who worked together multiple times, fell in love and are now expecting a plus one in the family. We thought we'd finally be getting a sneak peak of her baby bump in her recent Cosmopolitan shoot, but Tang Yan hides it perfectly well under her oversized coats. I mean, she doesn't look pregnant at all; she's as gorgeous as ever. But just how did this love story start? 

The two announced their relationship to the public on Tang Yan's birthday in 2016 when their drama Princess Weiyoung was also on air. Even though the public got used to seeing them play each other's love interest, the actress admits that they hadn't actually been together for that long. The couple have five dramas together, but it was only on the fourth drama Princess Weiyoung towards the end of filming that they began to have feelings for each other. (Talk about fate!) 

princess weiyoung
Tang Yan shares how during the first three dramas, she saw Luo Jin merely as a friend — they didn't even talk after their projects! Yet, being the lead character in Princess Weiyoung, Tang Yan was under a lot of pressure and stress. She remembered how Luo Jin was the one who was always there to give her emotional support. 

What Tang Yan loves most about him is that he is a man who always puts others ahead of him. He's not selfish — he's kind and polite not only to Tang Yan, but to everyone around them which she observed from the many times they have worked together. Other men may be very good and successful, but some of them only love themselves, perhaps they put their career first — she's unable to accept a man who only thinks of himself. With Luo Jin, he's the kind of man who is happy as long as others are okay. 

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  1. Maybe this is true from Tangyan's point of view but i always think that Luo jin already like her from the first drama they worked together.

    1. I think he did too. Even Tang Yan's mum is fond of Luo Jin from way before.

    2. It's really like the plot of a drama lol!

  2. I really enjoyed watching Weiyoung. It was evidence of their love and it really shows.

  3. That is so sweet. You can see he really cares for her and they are so happy together. Really glad she finally fell in love with such a good man.

  4. I hope they appreciate and make sure they do and everyone respect theyre love.If they focus more on they're marriage relatiomship(happiness and great joys when they talk,see each other even when either obe come in the room) they're family and careers will be happy.Congratulations it feels great when you find your one and only True Love.