Sandra Ma's Sarcastic Response to Fat Shaming Comments

sandra ma
In the internet age full of keyboard warriors with something to say, Sandra Ma had a good comeback when netizens made fun of her appearance. During an interview that the actress sat down for, Sandra Ma is clad in a carnation pink wrap dress that showed a rather unflattering shot of her belly. Now, I've been in that kind of situation and let's face it, this happens. But some netizens weren't so forgiving and even labeled her as fat! (If she's fat, then what am I?!)  

sandra ma
The actress had to gain weight before for her role in Mr. Fighting opposite Deng Lun and has already slimmed down since. Sandra Ma isn't the type to let negative comments slide as she responded to her critics, sarcastically saying that she'll work hard to be as stick thin as an edited picture of herself. Said photo showed her body all squeezed in to get the perfect waist! 

sandra ma
Honestly, I love how she handled this. I get it, as a public figure, people have expectations for the perfect look but hey, unreal standards be damned. As long as she's healthy, leave Sandra Ma alone.

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  1. china obsession with being skin and bone is extreme.

  2. There is a reason we let the skeletal look go here in the US.

    It may look fantastic on pictures and film because of how lens work but in real life not only does it look REALLY BAD but it injures your organs and causes serous damage in the long term.

    We noticed here that many models were dying of heart attacks because extreme dieting damages the heart and other organs.
    Once your body loses too much fat it start to consume/attack the organs
    Many people do not know or understand the long term damage they are doing to themselves
    Everything in moderation
    Extremes will hurt you