Mario Ho's Bold Response to Talks About Inheritance After Ming Xi Gave Birth

mario ho ming xi
From being engaged to married to proud parents to their baby boy, Mario Ho and Ming Xi drew attention this year for their whirlwind romance. Mario Ho, son of casino tycoon Stanley Ho, made a buzz today when he posted what looks like a drunken rant at 2 in the morning to defend his wife upon reading ugly comments about her

He wrote, "Hi everyone! I love Xiao Ming, I love my wife! I haven't been posting much on Weibo for more than a year, saw some negative comments and became unhappy, I'm unhappy when I see that she is not well! I've always wanted to speak up on her behalf, but she never lets me, saying there's no need. So, to right things! Nameless person, who am I! Drunk, but it doesn't matter! She'll definitely scold me tomorrow hahahahahaha hahaha. Happy!"

mario ho
Mario also had numerous comebacks for snide remarks left on his post. One netizen pointed out that he must be really thankful to his wife because they can have a big share of the inheritance. There have been persistent rumors that member of the Ho clan have been having more kids because of inheritance. 

Mario Ho boldly replied, "The money has been divided a long time ago, go watch the news."He said that he's happy to become a father, happy to see his own father smile and he loves his wife.  He also added, "Whether I have a son or not, I still have enough money to spend. Thank you." 

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  1. wow I hate the way they talk about women. His wife is not an object.

  2. Idk there are comments all over the internet about his pic with other girls in a club while his wife is pregnant and rumor that she had to stay in a hotel during the pregnancy cause the mother in law forced her to, she posted pic from a hotel too. Marrying to this kind of person id never good...typical rich and spoiled son of a wealthy family marrying a celeb or model while still playing on the outside

    1. makes sense considering hiss father has 14 children and has slept with many women. I'm worried Dou Xiao / Shawn Dou will marry into the family although his girlfriend seems like a very smart women.

    2. I agree with you anony 3a.. yes dou xioa has a right to dating with any girls...but i actually worried with dou xioa because i fill like dou Xiao deserve someone better..i know his girlfriend seems nice...but i can fill like she is not good for dou xioa career...I'm sorry..if i had to said this..but i wonder why dou Xiao wanted to get involved in this type of family...