Lee Jong Suk and Zheng Shuang's Team-Up Drama Jade Lover To Finally Air After 3 Years?

jade lover
Didn't we all think this show should have aired a long time ago? 

It's been three years since they first announced a pairing between Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and Chinese actress Zheng Shuang in the former's supposed C-ent debut in the drama Jade LoverAfter everything was set and done with clips of the show already released online, the Hallyu ban happened in China which forced a lot of Korean-led shows to be pushed to the archive and saved 'For Later'. 

But is Lee Jong Suk's Chinese-dubbed drama finally going to be seeing the light of day? 

Jade Lover producer Zhang Wenjun has gotten everybody curious after he suddenly posted a foreshadowing message yesterday that said, "I! Know, Jade Lover, everyone has always been very concerned about when it will air, please brothers and sisters rest easy, we are working hard to give everyone a satisfying result, thank you for your support, thank you everyone..." 

I mean, it's been THREE YEARS since filming ended, even from the fanmade trailers that I've seen, the drama actually looks really interesting. And is it just me or did the whole thing feel very K-drama-ish? All I know is, I'm really excited so pleaseeeeee drama gods don't let us get our hopes up, juseyo~

Jade Lover is just one among many number of Chinese productions with Korean stars affected by the Hallyu ban.  Whew~ that's a loooong list. 

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  1. Just let it stay in the dungeon. Only tasteless people would watch another terrible acting from Zheng Shuang . All of her recent dramas were flopped so why even bother.

  2. I did not expect this to come out to light....LOL. Zhang Han has a number of Cdrama with Korean stars too. Maybe his will air too.

  3. I've never seen the actress' dramas but I did hear about her notoriously bad acting. I saw a clip of her kiss scene once and it was absolutely tragic. Girl's so lucky that she's paired with one of the best kissers here. My man Lee Jongsuk will hard carry the entire drama with his stellar acting.

  4. Dubbed drama & mix drama Rarly work

  5. I heard that China is finally loosening up the Korean ban that was in place since 2016, maybe some of those China/Korean projects that we thought will never see the light of day will start to surface.

  6. the amount of hate this actress gets it getting out of hand I'm worried she will end u p in a terrible head space because of her on going struggles with depression.