Choi Siwon Apologises Twice After Coming Under Fire For 'Liking' Tweet about the Hong Kong Protests

choi si won
Super Junior member Choi Siwon apologises for the second time now for having “Liked” a tweet from South Korean newspaper Chosun about the pro-democracy unrest currently happening in Hong Kong. The tweet he liked linked to an interview with an unarmed protester who was shot by a police officer. The singer-actor started to trend on Chinese social media afterwards with many Netizens interpreting his action to be supportive of the Hong Kong protests.

After the issue blew up in China, Choi Siwon issued an apology on the same day, saying "I saw that my action on Twitter is causing some issues. My action was mainly to express my concern about the situation itself and the hope that the violence and chaos will calm down as soon as possible. Because my action caused a lot of controversy and has disappointed many, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to everyone” said the singer.

Despite this, his apology failed to mollify angry Netizens who are still questioning the sincerity of his apology as he only apologised on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo and not on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Siwon may have lost himself a lot of Chinese fans when one of his fan groups announced that they were shutting down permanently.

Today, Choi Siwon once again apologises for his actions posting “Hello everyone, this is Choi Siwon. I would like to express my deepest apologies for the hurt and disappointment my recent action on Twitter caused. As an artist, I have failed to meet your expectations and to keep the trust that you have given me. I feel guilty and sad. I have never denied and changed my position that Hong Kong is an integral part of China. My deepest apologies once again to everyone. I am sorry." 

Choi Siwon is not the only celebrity to have expressed their thoughts about the protests in Hong Kong. Some have openly voiced their opinions for or against it while some remain silent. Whether their actions are unintentional not, celebrity's activities on social media are coming under intense scrutiny. 

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  1. just like some countries would hang you if dare to insult the king, the state religion, and such, as for china, their sovereignity comes first 'one china'. but many still loves to tear china apart, love to see they fight each other, ignoring the country and its people is advancing, quite prosperous, compared with some so-called democratic countries that filled with corruption, drugs, and people live in famine and war fears. and the saddest part is the rioters in hk is more like a terrorists for occupying public facilities, burning buildings, hitting citizens that voiced out different opinions. biased medias only shown the policemen hit the rioters but turned blind when rioters hitting the policemen. what a world of hypocrites defenders of democracy.

  2. WTF? "Hang you if you insult the king" or "the state religion"? Please tell me exactly what countries you're talking about. I'm not actually familiar with the governments of most Asian countries but I know in the west, there is no country that punishes anyone for 'insulting the king - only a few countries in Europe even have kings and most of those are constitutional monarchies where the so-called king has no power to speak of, much less to hang anyone. Most European countries also have a separation of church & state with the exception of the UK - where the majority of the 'original/traditional' UK residents are actually atheist. And again, there is no punishment for those who 'insult the state religion' much less anyone being hanged.
    So what countries you are referring to? Please elucidate as I'm honestly curious.