Carman Lee Looks Fab and Fit in Her Forties

carman lee fit
Sharing with you all the results of my workouts, you always said that I’m too skinny. But actually I’m strong ".

Carman Lee might already be in her forties but the actress proves that age is indeed just a number when she showed off her well defined abs. Wow, right? Sporting just a red sports top and a black pair of shorts, who could believe that the Condor Heroes franchise's "little dragon girl" is already in her mid forties? If I didn’t just google her birthday, I would’ve guessed that she’s ten years younger! 

carman lee fit
While it’s tempting to say the secret to her youthful looking beauty is to drink out of the fountain of youth, exercise is one of the things Carman swears by to looking toned and trim. In another of her (many) fitness related posts online, the actress says she tries not to miss any opportunity to work out – because “there are no shortcuts in the world, you just need to work harder”. Well, it looks like I’ll be skipping that order of boba tea tomorrow and spending an extra hour working out at the gym to get those toned muscles on her arm *le sigh*. Kudos to Carman for leaving us all to eat her space dust as she goes through her fitness journey to get that enviable figure!

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  1. She still is too skiny but when she feels healthy it is okay. When your body is your house income and the standarts are like that, it isn't wrong to look like that. I just don't agree with showing of and the sentence "there are no shortcuts in the world, you just need to work harder". Most common people work 8-12 hours a day, 5-6 days every week and don't have anyone who helps them with household chores and every day life. It isn't a shortcut then to not add 2 hours gym each day. People with illness who can't build up muscles like normal people get shamed even more.

    1. I think she means there's no miracle diet pills or gimmick that will make you skinny/healthy. You have to work for it by taking care of yourself. She's a celebrity so it's basically her job to look good... but I don't think she's trying shame regular people. There's nothing wrong with promoting exercise. True everybody is busy working but there's still time for SOME exercise if they make it a priority. Most people though would rather be a couch potato or glued to a screen in their free time.

  2. Holy cow. I want to look like her at that age.