6 Years After Revealing He Has a Family, Wu Chun Says There's Not a Bit of Regret

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It didn't come as much of a surprise when Wu Chun announced to the world that he had a family back in 2013, following a media exposé in 2011. In a recent interview for Ru Xi 入戏, Wu Chun brings us back to the time when he decided to go public with his wife and daughter which undoubtedly had an effect on his career.

For Wu Chun, there was never a hint of regret for what he did. It was when he was writing his book Ignite Courage that he realized how lucky he was with his family that he decided to share it to everyone. He was so tense and afraid before doing so because he knew of the stakes — some might support him but some won't. 

wu chun
Wu Chun advices other artists to not be afraid to do the same. He admits there is a negative impact on an artist's career especially if you're just starting out; but for him, it was a journey to maturity. Actors might lose fans as they do so, but at the same time, they also get more supporters who are touched by their honesty. 

Back in 2011, it was for the same reason that he couldn't commit to Fahrenheit and chose to leave the group that also consisted of Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen an Aaron Yan. He didn't want to pull them down as he could not sacrifice his time to practice and perform. For Wu Chun, family comes first before career and his kids needed him. 

It was bittersweet for Wu Chun to leave the group, but he felt that it was the right thing for thing. What he hopes for now is that Fahrenheit will have a reunion soon!

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  1. Yea have that reunion with the Fahrenheit members but also do a Dad where r u going reunion. I missed everyone from season 5!!!!💖

  2. Man his love story was quite sth, he left Australia while studying abroad to be with her and they re high school sweet heart or something? They dated for a while. I like how even though he went public, he and others still respected his wife. Every instance of her on TV she either had her back turn or a mask, even when hanging out with the other moms in Dad where are you going. Even on Weibo pic they cover her face! She is prob really shy and uncomfortable and people dont push. They re a such a cute family. I like to see more families like him tho the lowkey hiding is understandable with how much people watch them so