Yu Bin Reprises Role as Wen Ning in The Untamed Spinoff Movie

untamed spinoff the living dead
I've been hearing about a spinoff for a while and we finally get our first look with a new teaser and posters of the cast. Yu Bin who played cinnamon roll Wen Ning stars as the main protagonist accompanied by Zheng Fanxing who plays Lan Sizhui. The Living Dead 陈情令之生魂 follows their characters who join hands to uncover the truth from the past. Also in the cast are Wang Yifei, Gao Han and He Longlong

Although I was a little upset that Wen Ning parted ways with Wei Wuxian at the end of The Untamed, it seems fitting that the last two remaining members of the Wen Clan would end up together and start a journey that will help them come into their own. Come to think of it, I'd be totally down to watch a series chronicling the adventures of Wen Ning and Lan Sizhui, but I guess I'll settle for the web movie instead. 

The Living Dead is coming soon on iQIYI. 

untamed spinoff the living dead Yu Bin Wen Ning

untamed spinoff the living dead

untamed spinoff the living dead

untamed spinoff the living dead

the living dead untamed spinoff
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  1. Yu Bin, I am delighted to see that your character Wen Ning is being reprised for a spinoff of the Untamed. Wen Ning was such a childlike,vulnerable and yet loyal character. Such a part is, I think, hard to do well and yet you played it perfectly. I will be looking for you in other films! Love, the little old lady.