Yang Zi Once Auditioned for Alec Su's The Left Ear but Didn't Get the Part

chinese restaurant 3 yang zi
A new episode of Chinese Restaurant 3 has got us interested in another one of Yang Zi's stories. Last time, we learned that she had another name, Yang Ni-ao; this time, she reveals that she once auditioned for the movie The Left Ear directed by none other than Alec Su who recently guested on their show. Talk about being in a small world!

chinese restaurant 3 Alec Su Yang Zi
In the short clip, Alec Su was commending Yang Zi for being a good actress when Yang Zi curiously asked if he remembered that she auditioned for his movie in the past. 

"Yang Zi: Hey Alec, do you remember that I auditioned for your movie?

Alec Su: (creates a "WHAT" face) you were there?

Yang Zi: Yeah, you eliminated me. 

Alec Su: ("OH CRAP" face) What did I do?

Yang Zi: You let me audition for two roles, and after each one, you would always say, "you act well!" So I was thinking, I'd get the part! I waited at home for an update on the second round of auditions. (Jumping up and down) I waited, but the assistant director did not even send a text. The next thing I knew, the shooting for the movie had already started!

Alec Su: (laughs) During that time we considered not hurting anyone's feelings hahaha."

yang zi alec su chinese restaurant 3
Given that she never got called back, Yang Zi laughingly asked if she can star in "The Right Ear" instead. Later on, Alec Su took to social media with an equally cheeky response. He says that he doesn't want to pass to miss out on an actress as talented as Yang Zi any longer. He is creating "The Right Foot (右脚)" for her to star in and they're looking for script suggestions. 

Such a funny duo!

the left ear
Better known as an actor-singer before switching to working behind the scenes, Alec Su actually made his directorial debut through the coming-of-age movie The Left Ear starring Chen Duling, Ou HaoYang Yang, Sandra Ma, Guan Xiaotong, Hu Xia and Duan Bowen. Alec Su earned a nomination as Best New Director for the 52nd Golden Horse Awards in 2015. 

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  1. It's because Yang Zi has such forgettable face. That's why Alec Su didnt even remember her. She wasn't too popular back then.

    1. Love how honest Yang Zi is and unafraid to disclose such information, she is too real. Her face may be forgettable but she has very unforgettable attitude.

      At least she auditioned and failed unlike people who forceably act with others by using the power of their popularity and ability to create rumors. She didn't use her popularity to get roles, like some people who do nothing but just use their water armies to curse people to death others dare to reject their idol.

  2. Not only Alec Su. Sandra Ma also got a Golden Horse nomination for her role in The Left Ear.

  3. Love Yang Zi but also love Chen Du Ling (girl they chose for The Left Ear) as well she is really pretty.

    Yang Zi works so hard but never get opportunity to be in a good show, hope she can be in one soon and start winning those awards. They mean nothing to me but the Chinese overseas are so particular about it.

    Hope to see award winners like Zhou Dongyu to act more in ancient costumes drama too, she is so adorable but mostly do modern dramas only.