Two New Dramas from Jing Tian and Vin Zhang, Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang

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If you're one of those still hoping for a reunion between Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Zhang Binbin so that they can have at least one project that ends happily-ever-after, I'm afraid you've no such luck this time as although the two actors will be returning with new projects, it won't be with each other. Instead, we've got two new dramas offering interesting new pair ups that have started filming in September. 

si teng boot ceremony
Storm Eye 暴风眼 actor Vin Zhang has started working with a new leading lady in his newest fantasy drama Si Teng 司藤. The titular role of Si Teng is played by actress Jing Tian who some of you might recall from roles in movies like Pacific Rim: Uprising and Zhang Yimou's The Great WallVin Zhang will be starring as a young designer named Qin Fang who accidentally stumbles upon Si Teng and rouses her from her ten year slumber! 

si teng boot ceremony
The two will be joined by a cast that includes Zhang Yichi, Jin Zehao, Pan Yiyi, Zhang Dinghan, Benson Wang Guan and Yu Yuan who gathered for the filming ceremony held on September 25, 2019. 

Meanwhile, actress Dilraba Dilmurat is finally making her drama comeback after a year and a half’s absence from the small screens. According to the rumour mill, Dilraba was set to appear in the workplace romance drama Love Advanced Customization 爱情高级定制 opposite Johnny Huang Jingyu who attended the kick-off ceremony. Although neither's casting has been officially announced, Dilraba was later on spotted on setIt’s great to hear that Dilraba’s drama career is starting to pick up once more since she previously revealed her difficulties getting her hands on good scripts despite her popularity. 

johnny huang the thunder

What do you guys think of this latest romantic pairing? The drama calls for strong personalities from its leads who start off on the wrong foot and clash from the very beginning. Johnny Huang Jingyu has often enough played tough guy roles in his past works like mega hit The Thunder and Operation Red Sea so it'll probably be a walk in the park for him to play a stubborn businessman. Dilraba on the other hand has strong facial features which can work to her advantage in playing a driven and ambitious fashion designer.

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  1. I'm looking forward to more Johnny Huang - but - another office romance drama? The last several office romance dramas I've tried have all been the same cookie cutter feel, no matter who the actors are, they've all had the same boring vibe. It would be nice if they can do something a little different.

  2. Because Reba can’t shake off the idol image, and her dramas aren’t BIG hits for producers to come after her. She also lacks depth in her acting.

    1. It's not like some so call A-list actresses today can shake off their idol image either. Her acting does not lack depth, why don't you go act yourself? Her dramas aren't big hits because the story are so dumb.

      At least they are dumb and her fans didn't rate any of them high and exaggerate or pretend to act like they are all the best things ever on the planet when they are really bad. When somebody has enough power to use their fans to go do shady services for them but they rather not cheat, I got to praise them.

  3. Johnny and Reba's drama sounds boring despite the great visuals. Modern workplace dramas like this are usually badly written.

    Vin and Jing Tian's drama on the other hand sounds interesting.