Sulli Dies of Suicide at Age 25

Another bright star loses its spark as former f(x) member, Sulli, is found dead in her house today. 

Sulli, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, first gained the attention of the public from her role in Ballad of Seodong. A few years later, she debuted with the Korean girl group f(x) where I came to know her. I even remember dancing to their songs while cramming for my exams. Sulli took a one-year hiatus back in 2014 because of cyberbullying and eventually left the group to focus on her acting career.

I'm honestly still in shock. It wasn't that long ago when I had a glimpse of Sulli from her cameo in the drama Hotel Del Luna not knowing that it will be the last time I'll see her in the small screen. Since her IG live last year, many of her fans already suspected that she was suffering from depression. But then, the sweet Sulli we all know emerged again. She was back making her own music and even released her new album in June. On October 14, the singer-actress was found dead in her home where it was later confirmed that she has committed suicide. 

This is one of the hardest articles I've ever written because Sulli and f(x) were part of my K-pop journey so this news has hit too close to home. There wasn't even a hint that this was going to happen because just a day ago, she updated her IG account with a post about bags she's received from a certain store. There was no hint, but I guess, that's the real face of depression. 

Sulli, you will definitely be missed. We offer our condolences to her loved ones.


  1. When I saw this news a few hours ago. I took a double take. And even went to confirm the news....So sad.

  2. There are probably many more suicides by young people in Korea but normal people like me will never hear about them, only the celebrities. So, if this any indication of what is going on there, how many more artists have to kill themselves before Korean society say, ok, something may be seriously wrong with the nature of Korean show biz/Kpop culture and just societal pressure in general. Let's come together and talk about what it is that is driving young people to take their own lives? If it's online bullying, let's come together as a country to promote a better culture. If it's the abusive practices of show biz or corporate work place, then let's bring some policies and protective measures to give young people a chance. It's so scary the number of suicides in Korean show biz. People mourn but nothing changes.

  3. Holy shit balls was my first reaction!!! I'm honestly in shock rn.