Republican Drama The Heritage Starring Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan Begins Filming

the heritage booting ceremony
Okay it really IS a Story of Yanxi Palace reunion now that it's been confirmed Emperor Qianlong actor Nie Yuan, is also onboard the new Republican drama The Heritage 传家. About a prominent Shanghai family's struggle to determine who will be inheriting the family's department store business, the drama follows three sisters as they try to outshine each other in the bid to be the heir. 

the heritage booting ceremony
Actress Zhang Nan who previously played smaller supporting roles will now be moving up to leading lady status to join Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan in playing the embattled sisters. Han GengNie Yuan and Zheng Kai make up their leading men.  

They are joined by an assortment of cast consisting of Liu Jun, Miao Pu, Zhang Yijie, Zhang Yixi, Wang Xichao, Fang Anna, He Fengtian, Nina Wang Keru and He Jiayi. Incidentally, the drama will mark the fourth time Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan will be working together. Now I know people say third time's the charm, but what about the fourth?

han geng the heritage
the heritage Nie Yuan
zheng kai the heritage
With everyone all smiles in the drama's boot ceremony held today, I guess it's full steam ahead for The Heritage which will hopefully be in your screens sometime soon!

the heritage booting ceremony
the heritage booting ceremony
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  1. Is it only me but I feel like Wu Jin Yan has filmed like 4 or 5 different dramas this year... every few months I see news that she started to film another drama... If that's the case, she should really take a rest...

    1. same with Li Yi Tong she has about 9 dramas in post production and she is filming even more dramas at the moment. She never takes a break.

  2. Yu Zheng is trying so hard to make Wu Jinyan popular, giving her the best resources of his production and outside's.
    He has better actors and actresses in his agency and I hope he could take care them better. Both Wu Jia Yi and Bai Lu are better actresses even with less experiences and investment from YS.

    1. You do sound bitter lol. She does not have any good drama besides Yanxi Palace, and because it was a very big hit he's using her to pair up with the same people over and over.

    2. You can't deny YZ gave her all his biggest production drama as leads even before Yanxi became big.
      Hence she even got better resouses from outside too. Most hasn't been aired yet. You can't say the same with other talented actresses under his agency.

      I never deny I'm bitter though.
      Her acting was criticized in her latest drama too, but still got a biggest push. Why shouldn't I be bitter?

    3. You should be bitter. Worse is you will have to be bitter all the time.

      Because that case doesn't happen with her only. All actresses alike.

      If they have 1 good project and gained tremendous amount of fan, they will be put in big projects (even if they're boring projects) to lure in good ratings and viewerships.

      WYJ's only good drama ever is Yanxi Palace, doesn't matter how big all her other projects are, they are just boring despite being big. Take Yang Zi for example, I think her only good project this far is Ashes of Love, all the rest are considered big but they are just boring. She will be getting all sorts of good resources because she's marketable.

      YX is bias with WJY because of the big hits she got, she's marketable too.
      I don't agree she is any less than Bai Lu.
      YZ can give the big projects to the other actresses too but the story are only so so. It's not as if it will be any help to them, and worse is the ratings will be terrible too. He needs to put marketable stars in bad dramas so that they can maintain the good ratings when the storylines are bad.

      While he is bias, he's not overly obsessive, if he is he wouldn't put Bai Lu in The Legends since Xu Kai and WJY has so many shippers. And The Legends storyline is not that terrible, it was only draggy but creative enough to stay interesting.

    4. I have no problem of staying bitter until things change for the better. And you don't get what I said, WJY already had filmed like 3 big budget projects with YZ even before Yanxi hit it big. Zhao ge is another huge one that has yet out yet.
      Of course with the success of YX, she gained more resources.
      But from the beginning she was YZ's muse and the person he invested the most.

      The legends isn't from YZ production and Bai Lu wasn't supposed to be Zhao Yao, but the 2nd lead if I remember correctly. But somehow she got the role. None of Bai Lu project is as big as WYJ though. The rumored costar for her uncoming YZ drama had me shake head... But she is either smart or lucky, she picked diverse roles each time, even the script or her role doesn't always stay good. Same with Wu Jia Yi, small roles but diverse, and killing it.

      Gao Yu Er is another good actress too. I hope she gets her drama soon

      But dang, I don't like Yu Zheng but there are a lot of talented yet underused and underappreciated under him