Ouyang Nana and Roy Wang Reunite in a Picture Taken at Berklee College of Music

While Ouyang Nana may have shot down dating rumors with Roy Wang, it looks like the friendship between her and the young man whom she thinks of as a brother only grows as  they are now attending the school together at the Berklee College of Music. The two can be seen in a photo with Berklee College of Music President, Roger Brown and the school's associate director of international recruitment Tim H. Lee.  

ouyang nana roy berklee

I'm digging their matching baseball caps and laid back look, it brings me back to my university days! Ouyang Nana actually started school last year as she went right after filming the fantasy drama The Great Lord with none other than Roy who played the main protagonist. Roy, on the other hand, started college this fall as a freshman. I really find it inspiring that despite making a name for themselves, the two are still persistent when it comes to their education and setting a good example for their young fans. 

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