Liu Shishi Begins Filming Comeback Drama To Dear Myself Opposite Zhu Yilong

liu shishi zhu yilong
It was just a few days ago when we heard the news that had everyone anticipating Cecilia Liu Shishi's return to showbiz. After all, it's been 2 long years since she filmed her last drama and it's really happening! On Oct. 5, Liu Shishi and Zhu Yilong were spotted at the filming ceremony for their new drama To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己. 

It's a female-centric drama that follows the main couple who are in a relationship, the second couple who face problems in their marriage due to an affair and a potential love line for the third pair. 

kan qingzi peng guanying
Joining as the second leads are Adi Kan Qingzi and Peng GuanyingI've probably said this too many times but I've loved Adi Kan Qingzi since Sparrow, can't wait to see her in Sparrow 2 and would love to see her in more dramas. Although I usually see him in supporting roles, Peng Guanying has delivered solid performances time and again. Truth be told, this sounds like your typical modern drama but the cast is to die for. I'd watch for them!

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  1. I can't wait to see this drama later even though the premise looks like an usual one that can be found easily these days. I will try to trust the leads and the director, since all the names looks promising in term of acting and directing skills. Who knows if the plot development will turn good. later

  2. Thanks for the news! I'm looking forward to this drama because i like LSS & ZYL. Hopefully it will be a good drama.

  3. OOOOOOHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zhu Yi Long and Peng Guan Yin 2 hotties together I am so dying! Peng Guan Yin is really handsome from Princess Lan Ling and Zhu Yi Long is currently so popular. On top of that there is Liu Shi Shi! She is my favorite!
    Best cast ever!
    I really hope the story will be good otherwise it will be such a waste of good casts. Seeing PGY makes me miss Baby Zhang too, can they stick her into the drama too?