'I'm Not Totally Against It' — Vicki Zhao Shares Sentiments on Plastic Surgery

vicki zhao wei
In a recent interview, Vicki Zhao Wei recently shared her thoughts on how the physical appearances of actors or actresses affect their career. Her opinion, "It's a double-edged sword."

Vicki Zhao makes her point by saying that actors and actresses who are too absorbed with how they look gradually become more focused on their appearance rather than their acting. She adds that artists who are too narcissistic cannot blame the audience for saying that they are "all looks and no skills." She says, however, that she is not totally against plastic surgery; though she jokes that people should try not to go to the same doctor and end up looking the same when they step out of the hospital. 

vicki zhao wei
There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery, according to Vicki Zhao, especially when your physical appearance affects one negatively and plastic surgery is able to increase his or her self confidence. Only when the girls who are already naturally beautiful still want to take on plastic surgery, does it become harmful. 

When asked whether natural talent is necessary to achieve success in the industry, Vicki Zhao gives the most heartbreaking answer.

She shares that it's really brutal to be an actor or an actress. For those who continuously improve their talent and practice for years, the audience will only wonder how they managed to give such a moving performance without knowing the hard work that was put in. There are also those who work day and night but are still unable to move audiences so they find themselves on the receiving end of complaints and criticisms. It can't be denied that just like in singing, natural talent plays a big role in their success.

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  1. I don’t mind PS too. Most have them anyway or did you never ask yourself how all these celebs got their high nose bridges who didn’t had them as child. In a world where beauty is everything PS isn‘t a surprise.

    I‘m a bit mixed about hard work and talent. Talent is surely a plus but talent alone wouldn’t make you a terrific actor. And people who work very hard and never receive praise should think about a change of profession. Why should celebs be different than non-celebs? Some of us learned that they suck in their dream job and try to find something better suited. Or people who have to change because of health reasons.
    There are so many hard working actors who have the talent or can show their progress but we never will see them because other really lacking ones are taking their place. What a shame.