Go Go Squid Fined Over Presentation of Chinese Map

Romance drama Go Go Squid 亲爱的热爱的 made hearts swoon this summer, earning Li Xian the title of every girl's ideal boyfriend and giving Yang Zi a consecutive hit since Ashes of Love the previous year. Yet close to its finale, the series came under fire in China because of a map shown on one of its episodes that has since been taken down. 

Government-run People's Daily Online reprimanded the show for failing to accurately present Chinese territory according to requirements. Yang Zi also got flak from netizens due to reports that she was one of the drama's investors. 

It seems that the issue had reached a conclusion. Production company GCOO Entertainment was slapped with a 100,000 yuan (roughly 14k USD) fine as of August 12, 2019 and asked to fix the map. 

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  1. It's only a drama...a FAKE play... and they made such a huge fuzz.

    Pray for Taiwan, after the fall of Hong Kong Taiwan is the next target.

    1. China is really tripping with their territorial. Such a hypocrite, they did some territorial map in the animated movie Abominable with Viet Nam, so glad that movie got pulled from Viet Nam box office.
      They’ve been on a silent war with Taiwan and did a lot of unnecessary punishment to Taiwan for a very long time.

    2. Yes, pray for Taiwan. Pray that it returns to Chinese sovereignty. And the sooner the better!

      Also, good thing the movie “Abominable” was pulled from the Vietnamese market because the Viets don’t deserve to watch it! It’s their loss and they can deprive themselves all they want!

    3. china is fine, their country is quite prosperous (some poor area exist but generally still higher than other countries), the industry, economy, and culture are developing, life standards also improving, free speech exists but it must be with proofs/reliable, so it's not a bad thing to be born in such place, unlike in warring countries in middle east, africa or such. This is the reason why some other countries, some people are jealous of china--forgetting their own sins to indians, aborigins, and victims during world war 1&2. Get over it~medias are too happy to cause havoc in asia.