Dilraba Dilmurat Tears Up as She Remembers Her Grandmother

Grandmothers are often like our moms, only less strict. So it's not unusual to be close to them and love them as much. 

In the travel show Slow Life: Feel the World 慢游全世界, Dilraba Dilmurat gets personal and reveals that whenever she sees an elderly person, it reminds her of her own grandmother. She was in the Greek Islands to film for the second season of the show and being alone in a beautiful foreign land only added to Dilraba's emotional state. 

She described her grandmother as a quiet and nice person, so nice in fact, that when she succumb to illness, almost everyone around their neighborhood came to visit. This memory made the actress break into tears because she admitted that everyone, except her was there. At that time, Dilraba Dilmurat was filming for the romantic-comedy Diamond Lover and as much as she wanted, she just couldn't take the time off. 

dilireba greece
Listening to her story, I can feel the hurt that it tears me up too. As someone who was close to her grandparents, I can relate. It's evident that to this day, the actress is still tormented over not being in the hospital during that time and perhaps, to relay her regret for not being able leave the set, there's a line in that drama that Dilraba added herself that says "I didn't even get to see the closest person to me for the last time." 

Aww. That really speaks to me in a deep emotional level. I hope the actress takes the pain off her chest knowing that wherever her grandmother is right now, she's at peace. 

dilireba greece
Slow Life: Feel the World follow celebrities as they tour around the best vacation spots around the globe. 

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  1. I suddenly recalled a scene in Deng Lun's Mr. Fighting when Hao Ze Yu can't even visit Daddy Fu when he passed away. This proves the harsh reality in show business when stars have to miss important life events for the sake of work obligations. Sad but true.

  2. I can relate because the same thing happened between my grandmother and myself. I was her favorite grandchild and we were close. I didn't get a chance to say good-bye due to things beyond my control and so I couldn't make it to her before she passed. It's something that will always be emotional for me, especially as I get older.

  3. That is inhumane that the drama wouldn't let her take a little time off to say goodbye to her grandmother on her death bed. :-(

    She wasn't even the lead of that drama so it's not like the drama couldn't film around a day or two if absence.