Bai Jingting and Timmy Xu in Sports-Themed Posters for Ping Pong

ping pong posters
China is a country that lives and breathes ping pong. So ingrained is it in Chinese culture that even kids start playing the sport at a super young age. With an entire nation going gaga over it, it’s only fitting that dramas and movies are made .. all in the name of the game. That said, the new drama simply entitled Ping Pong 荣耀乒乓 is C-ent’s newest ode to China’s national sport. Starring actors Bai Jingting and Timmy Xu, audiences can get a behind the scenes look at how ping pong legends are made. 

ping pong posters Bai Jingting
To whet our appetites, the drama recently released two new snapshots of the actors as a sneak peek. Bai Jingting plays Xu Tan, who under his grandfather’s influence took up ping pong to build up his physical fitness. His prowess at the sport was only discovered when he was just about to give up the game. Actor Timmy Xu is Yu Kenan, a table tennis world champion who also learned to play the game under his father’s influence. Together, these two could be the future of Chinese ping pong! 

ping pong posters Timmy Xu Weizhou
Now, sports themed movies and dramas are amazing to watch when it's done right. When it manages to draw you into the players’ lives and captures your emotions, you’ll surely be cheering along and screaming your head off for your favourite players to win. That, to me is the ultimate sign of a great sports production! Hopefully, this drama will be one that will serve up some awesome sports action and capture audiences’ fancy!

ping pong posters timmy xu
ping pong posters

ping pong posters drama bai jingting

ping pong posters timmy xu
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