A Teary Ming Dao Gets Eliminated in Reality Show

ming dao
If you were into Taiwanese dramas waaay before c-ent and kdramas hit the mainstream, you’d most definitely recognize actor Ming Dao who rose to fame with dramas like The Magicians of Love and the uber popular hit The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog which he headlined opposite actress Joe Chen. The actor recently joined live action reality show Actor Please Take Your Place 演员请就位 to compete against other actors as an audition of sorts. Their performances are then critiqued by well known directors like Chen Kaige, Zhao Wei and Guo Jingming

In the recent episode, Ming Dao goes head to head with rising star Chen Ruoxuan to carry out a scene from the drama The Thunder 破冰行动. But in a surprising turn of events, although Ming Dao’s performance was more mature and stable, it was Chen Ruoxuan who was finally chosen by director Chen Kaige, thus eliminating the veteran actor. According to the director, although Ming Dao's performance was much better than Chen Ruoxuan's, the latter showed a much bigger improvement from the pointers and critiques, hence the reason why he was ultimately chosen.

the thunder ming dao chen ruoxuan
In the show, Ming Dao reveals that the scene was actually his first for 2019 and became a little choked up while recounting what his friend said when they were out drinking recently - his friend took his hand and quietly said that “Ming Dao, I think you won’t be able to play male lead roles anymore”. They said that the show was an audition but I haven’t actually auditioned for anything in 15 years, he adds. Ming Dao also confessed that he was very apprehensive about joining the program, saying that it was such a competitive environment and that there’s a lot of uncertainty - you don’t know if people still want you or not, you don’t know if you’re doing well and whether people still think you can act; but he was very determined to seize this opportunity.

ming dao actor please take your place
Poor Ming Dao, it’s a pity he got eliminated on the first go after a sincere performance. The entertainment landscape is changing quickly that’s for sure, but what’s even more heartbreaking is hearing him admit that he wasn’t feeling optimistic about things. The actor confesses that this incident has left his confidence a bit shaken especially when he knows he “hasn’t done anything successful for several years”. I sincerely hope though that despite this set back, he’ll once again regain a positive attitude and comes back strong with another drama soon. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger …  so get right back up on that horse and conquer it Ming Dao! Fighting!

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  1. It is a shame to get eliminated just because the other one can be sold better. Even when it is honest, what is the reason for the show anyway?
    Even though I feel sorry for MD, at least actors have 10 years more than actresses except a few of them all. Probably he should move on like others did too. There are so many supporting roles who truly need seasoned actors.

  2. I still remember watching The Prince Who Turns into a Frog. Feels like yesterday. I completely sympathize with MD's situation and I can't imagine how it must feel to no longer be at the top of his game, but the fact of it is that this is the nature of show biz. Nothing to be ashamed of. It has nothing to do with his talent or lack there of. There are plenty of popular actors/actresses who are not great actors; but there are also so many young talented people out there for producers to choose from. Hopefully there will be a role for him but I do think he will have to make peace with taking on supporting roles. He won't be in the limelight but those supporting roles are important.

    1. That is true. No doubt about his acting skills. He's aging and fans are moving away to new ones. Some fans aged too and no longer follow stars. These days the most important thing isn't skill but amount of fans, that's how marketable you are.
      The Thunder doesn't interest me...is he picky about roles? I think IP and costume dramas make stars really popular fast, does he consider them? He did great in Yu Zheng's drama call Beauty World as a magician. I hate most of Yu Zheng dramas but Beauty World is one of the few I really like because he didn't ruin it by making the male lead cheat on his girl and sleep with other women. I miss Ming Dao. But I don't have interest in modern dramas these days too, even in the past I only like very few modern dramas. The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog was one of the very few exceptions because it was so good.

  3. On another note, these reality TV shows are just too cruel. You must have an enormous amount of self-confidence to not be shaken by them.