Yu Zheng Reveals the Modus of C-Ent and Why Popular Stars Get Hate

Aside from the megahit drama Story of Yanxi Palace, Untouchable Lovers, The Legend of Haolan and Arsenal Military Academy are some of Yu Zheng's works in recent years. His projects can be hits or misses that tend to be talked about in extremes, and the controversial producer himself is known to be very vocal about things that rub him the wrong way

For his new show Real Actor 优酷演技派, Yu Zheng tells all in a note that he writes for actors hoping to get a shot in the field. According to him, when an actor gets newly popular, then dirt will be dug up about them - if there's no dirt then the next step is to pick on their acting skills - if the person's acting is fine then it's time to look into their past - if there's nothing in the past then there will be continuous nitpicking to find fault in something. 

Yu Zheng states four reasons for this:
1. yxh or ying xiao hao (营销号) - Marketing accounts created to spread hate. These are typically paid by an opponent or written by people who will accept payments to get their posts taken down. 
2. an opponent - There are accounts that dig up dirt on others to make them look bad so that endorsements, role offers and potential clients will turn to their own artists instead. 
3. their own project - If a drama has no popularity, investors will often pick at something. For example, an actor who couldn't attend a presscon due to health reasons will be blamed for not promoting well thus bringing more attention to the project. 
4. fellow actors - When someone achieves fame, fellow actors who start thinking of the person as their biggest competition will take any opportunity to knock them down. Yu Zheng says these instances are rare but it does happen. 

It's no secret that there's a lot of online vitriol going around in c-ent where it seems that the more popular you are, the more hate you get. Yu Zheng ends by dishing out some advise to actors not to be affected by rumors and to just be themselves because their projects are the best way to fight back. Ha adds, "Male actors have a large number of fans to protect them, actresses don't. Bad people try to drag others down but once you've reached the top, then they will have no other way. No one should ever spend money to bash others. If you can't help it, bash them yourself." 

Inasmuch as Yu Zheng has a tendency to be controversial with his choice of words, his revelation actually feels truthful. 

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  1. I mean, he ain't wrong. He may have a lot of opinions (to say), but he does have access to the inside world of the entertainment industry. I'm sure he knows what goes on behind closed doors.

  2. He is guilty of such actions too towards previous artists that worked with him. He definitely knows what happens in the industry.

  3. He's a jerk and say annoying things but this time he is stating out facts. Those are not only things happening to his artists but happen to every artists out there.

    When everybody say some actresses sucks, it's not always true, they make it look like it's everybody but it's only a few antis out there spreading hate. That is true what he's saying.