You Are My Answer (2019)

you are my answer
Actress Wu Jinyan has never been one to rest on her laurels. After her unforgettable breakout performance in Story of Yanxi Palace as heroine Wei Yingluo, Wu Jinyan has switched gears to focus her acting chops in several modern dramas.

In the 42-episode series You Are My Answer 你是我的答案, Wu Jinyan dips her toes into the exciting world of crime fighting, playing a young eccentric female screenwriter Bai Xiaolu, opposite actor Guo Xiaodong. Guo Xiaodong plays Zhou Yuan, the experienced leader of the Major Crimes squad who comes across Bai Xiaolu while undercover. 

you are my answer cast
In the course of their daily interactions, Xiaolu discovers the hidden depths of this seemingly straight-forward policeman while Zhou Yuan on the other hand learns the value of compassion. Meanwhile, Xiaolu’s good friend, Yuan Mingqing played by fellow Yanxi Palace veteran Pan Shiqi starts to develop feelings for one of Zhou Yuan’s subordinates Lu Hao (Zhao Shunran of Unrequited Love fame). As the investigation progresses, will these two unlikely couples fall for each other and realize that the other person is the answer they’ve been waiting for?

you are my answer cast
It seems that Guo Xiaodong who's played similar roles will be doing most of the crime fighting, but will we get to see Wu Jinyan in a kick arse crime busting role as well? I'm not quite sure about that since the posters seem to project a rather cutesy vibe. But knowing Wu Jinyan and how she prepares for each of her roles, the actress will surely bring her A-game for this drama.

You are My Answer also stars Zhao Yuxi, Miao Chi, Sun Jiajun, Wang Yanhui, Jiang Shan and Zhou Xiaou.

Release Date: Release Date: September 9, 2019 Hunan TV (two episodes every Monday to Wednesday at 10pm), episodes available on Mango TV, Youku at 12 midnight for members

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