Xiao Zhan Gets His Own Studio 3 Years After Debut

xiao zhan gucci milan fashion week
With the doors that The Untamed has opened for Xiao Zhan, the actor-singer has experienced many firsts from The Untamed fanmeet overseas to his first time at Milan Fashion Week after being invited to watch the Gucci Spring/Summer 2020 Show this month. 

xiao zhan

xiao zhan XZ Studio Logo
Xiao Zhan also recently celebrated his 3rd anniversary since debuting with X NINE on September 28, 2016. On Sep. 29, fans found another cause for celebration as the actor gets his own studio. Introduced through a short video is a silhouette of the actor and the new logo for XZ Studio that he personally designed. Xiao Zhan dropped by the comments section by sharing a photo of his cat and wrote, "Little Zhan, work hard." His new studio responded, "Yes, sir!"

xiao zhan cat
With his new studio, fans wonder whether it means that he has bowed out of X NINE and ended his contract with his current agency Wajijiwa. It's equally likely that his agency simply decided to open a dedicated account just for the actor. Regardless, XZ Studio would serve as an official account to handle work-related matters which is ultimately seems like a step in the right direction. Congrats!

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  1. can someone explain how studios work in China? seems like every artist is starting their own studio - whats the benefit of being managed by yourself vs a talent agency?

    1. you are your own boss so you make your own choices and you can even have your own clients/ talents / actors under your own agency. You have a lot more freedom. It's a lot easier business wise.

    2. But it sounds like Xiao Zhan's contract with Wajijiwa Entertainment is still in place, except now it seems more like a partnership between his studio and WJJW since he was a really neglected artist.

  2. I think it's moreso how Yang Mi/Jaywalk works. She's own part of it and can negotiate to take better scripts.