Tang Yan and Luo Jin Announce Pregnancy After 1 Year of Marriage

tang yan luo jin
After Tang Yan and Luo Jin tied the knot in 2018, attention has turned to the actress who has been surrounded by pregnancy rumors for the past year. As is the case in showbiz, people have taken to piecing together signs from the couple's hospital visit in April to eagle-eyed netizens looking for a baby bump even as the actress kept busy filming her new historical drama Yan Yun Tai with Shawn Dou

tang yan luo jin announce pregnancy
On September 19, Tang Yan and Luo Jin finally shared their big news through Weibo. Tang Yan wrote an equation to indicate that two hearts make a gift, implying that the baby is the gift. Luo Jin writes, "Sharing our joy with everyone." It must be an auspicious day what with Rain and Kim Tae Hee's baby news and Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao's wedding news also announced today. Congrats to all the couples.

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  1. people's been talking about it and she gained a bit of weight on her filming set too, now they finally confirmed it! excited to see her again with Shawn.

  2. Yay. Congrats. They finally confirmed it. I was thinking they might have wanted to wait until she actually gave birth. So happy for this lovely couple.

  3. I'm sooo happy for them. In her recent appearances even though she was hiding her belly you could tell she was pregnant just by looking at her face so they couldn't really keep it secret much longer lol! I like how normal and private this couple are. With their relationship, engagement, marriage and pregnancy even if there are rumours they just keep quiet and share any news when they are ready to do so. No ridiculous exaggerated denials which end up looking stupid when the rumours are true like certain other couples.

    With so many shotgun marriages in C-entertainment it's nice to see a big star couple doing everything the "right way": friendship, dated for a couple of years, engaged, married, taking time to enjoy their couple married life for some months before getting pregnant...and soon a baby!

    Wishing their little family all the best!

    1. Yes...I'm agree with you...i hope you still remember 'me'

    2. Their pregnancy is their business because they were dating openly. Even if, pretend lets say she got pregnant without marrying, it's common... and we know who she was with the whole time because the couple were not hiding and denying.

      But this couple married and did the whole ceremony as well. Annoying how they get blame as shotgun, they are the few who made their relationship more decent than the rest.

    3. Totally agree with you. They are so natural in their relationship. I support them since day one. It's nice to see a normal 'celeb' couple, getting married not bcuz of pregnancy. They got married bcuz they were ready for it. Hopefully long last!

    4. lol the 'right way' we don't live in the 1800s

    5. 3.d
      I agree with Sunny.

      Just because everyone couldn't live up to expectations doesn't mean what they are doing is "right" and no, "modernization" is not an excuse.

      I understand people need to get married and have kids, so, I am not going to look down on people who married just because they're not ready and accidentally have kids and have to do a shotgun marriage... But, shotgun is just what I will never recommend. There are wrongs in it (undeniably), while I don't mind people doing it, but I cannot recommend or encourage it.

      What TY and LJ did was the better role model people should follow, you tried your best to make sure you are ready in your relationship before jumping the gun. If things still don't work out at the end, at least you were careful and won't have to blame yourself for fooling around recklessly.

    6. ...Besides, they are celebrities. It's true they didn't make fool out of themselves. They have a good reputation and really lived up to it.

      When you are a public figure and you make lies you can't hide, people not going to trust you ever again.

    7. @all the Anonymous 2:48pm, 3:10pm, 8:22pm 3:20pm, 3:25pm (lol!): Exactly. Of course relationships aren't always going to work out this way which is why I put "right way" in quotation marks but ideally this is the healthiest way to do things for a relationship. Modern or not it is better to get to know each other and get married in your own time because you are both ready and not just because of an oops pregnancy.

      It's definitely better to behave like this couple who keep quiet and mind their own business until they are ready to release information rather than lying. There is a reason there is so much goodwill for this couple and they have a good reputation.

    8. At Sunny, I think Couples that get married after having a baby is fine. At least they are trying to do the right thing.
      No one can force someone to get married, pretty sure celebrities have enough money to raise a child on their own if they really did not like the other person.
      C-Entertainment (I am lumping Hong Kong and Taiwan here) for a long time was run by not so good people. Hiding their relationship is normal, who knows what crazy fans would do if their idol have a an actual relationship.
      You don't know what is the personal life of the stars, even if they deny then that is their prerogative.

      No relationship is forever, but I actually have more respect if the couple actually took responsibility and got married when they know they are having a baby instead of having the baby have the "Bastard" label on the innocent baby.
      Chinese is still a very conservative society, having a baby out of wedlock is still a scandal. Better that they marry, as the couple are still in love.

      Regardless, Sunny, you either must be very young, or have never been in a serious relationship. Life happens, and people make their choice.
      There is always an ideal for everything, but when life happens, I admire those that take responsibility rather than those who have a baby and then wait to get married or not married at all.

    9. To anon 3.h I have to laugh if you think you are very old that means you have been in a very serious relationship. If u so serious why do you have those unexpected things that are totally under your control? Nobody is even shaming people who gave birth out of wedlock here. We just saying, it's inappropriate and not recommended. Why are you so old already and not know what is right and what is wrong to do? The people here sounds very forgiving for those who made mistakes, not even blaming, just only pointing it out and that is wrong... Those of u who made mistakes can't even be respectful when you are in the wrong, the right people still have to be nicer.

      "Life happens" is true. But having kids is not something you can go do and say "life happens" because obviously enough you didn't control yourself so stop blaming that to fate. Help people learn from your mistakes and stop encouraging them to be you.

    10. 3.i - Wow, telling people that having a kid is a mistake?? I am surprised you didn't bring the whole abstination before marriage and oh, can't date more than one guy their whole life. Might as well throw in the Bible here on morals.
      What would you say to those who did the right sequence and then they divorce with kids?
      Regardless, two people who love each other that have babies and got married, people should be happy for their happiness regardless of what the sequence is. Being judgmental about someone else's happiness just tells me how unhappy the judgmental person is of their own lives.

      Why can't people just say congratulations to Tang yan's article instead of bringing a holier than thou attitude on what should or should not happen.

    11. Anonymous 3i...that's everybody rights to bring the morality here..we never judge others who a mistake..we just give the opinion...so don't drag others to be like you

    12. Made no sense,just saying people should "PLAN AHEAD" and next thing these people bring up all other topics...trying to shift the blame to other things...what about those abstination before marriage? What about dating more than 1 person? They're more wrong than me... Oh geez, stop already. If you can't reflect on your ugly self in the mirror, fine, that's you nobody forcing you. But you don't have to try preaching to other people to be like you and think that "not planning ahead" is so great... It's not, it's wrong and people are just nice not to judge you so you stop judging others wanting to do the right thing.

      Did not even bring up the moral topic here, are some people guilts kicking in and they bring them up on their own?

      People were congratulating this couple and saying what they did should be a good role model, did not even bring up the religions to this topic however some people felt unholy themselves and started getting really negative.

  4. Luo and Tang must be over the moon with excitement! Congratulations and Blessings!

  5. This Sunny shit writing long ass comment while throwing shade and judging celebs marriage life like she's some God or something. Let them do what they want, when they want to get marry or pregnant. It's none of your business. Who are you to define if the celebs marriage is good one or not.

    Are you some conservative grandma or what. These days getting married after you pregnant or giving birth is totally normal. Some even not get married and just live together for long time with their children. Couple doesn't necessarily need a validity through marriage or some sort of documents/paper to define their happiness. If they can live well without marriage, who are you to judge.

    1. I agree! There are so many gossip aunties on the comments above. As if they know the celebrities in real life to have a lot of say about someone else's marriage. *rolling eyes*

    2. LOL! You mad? Why are you so mad that I think a couple who took their time to date each other, get married and plan for baby after marriage and maintained their privacy without feeling the need to lie all the time did the right thing?

      You also seem to have problems reading. Where did I say I have a problem with couples not getting married? I actually respect couples who get pregnant and don't let themselves be rushed into marriage just because of a baby. It's better than running to get a shotgun marriage just because a baby is on the way and they want it born on the "right side of the blanket" (even though everybody knows the real reason they suddenly got married anyway).

    3. @Sunny
      The person you described was obviously ZLY, and her fans are always like that...It has nothing to do with you saying right or wrong thing. The idol ZLY is always good no matter what, you can't talk about the wrong thing about her lol.

    4. Bold of you to assume I'm defending certain celeb. I'm not even fan of ZLY. I just can't deal with the ignorant people and their old-fashioned way of thinking on this comment section.

      Please get some jobs than judging and targeting celebs for no reason. Chanel your energy to someone who actually commit a crime.

    5. To anonymous 5d.. that's everybody rights to have old fashioned way of thinking rather than to be someone who always denial something that finally would make them look stupid. Sunny just express their opinion and why are so mad?i i think the person who really have the problem is you...if you want to be so open go ahead. But not everybody same like you because at least will still have pride and morality

    6. @ Anonymous 5:08am. Thank you and exactly!
      Not sure why that one is overeacting so much because someone has different opinion.

    7. The marriage document is a very important paper. If your partner/baby's father ever go to the hospital, you the girlfriend will not have the rights to make any decision nor see any medical information without the consent of him or his family. You the partner/baby's mother, will not have the right to his assets if he passes away, unless you were named in his will. If two people are going to live together as a couple anyways for the baby, might as well sign the marriage papers. Unless of course, you don't want to marry, but then the Women will need to make sure she has a plan if the man ever leaves.

  6. Bitch, do you know the celebrities in real life?? How 100% sure are you if they're rushing their marriage? You must be one of those idiots who trust rumors and always judge celebs and make own assumptions about their private life.

    How 100% confident are you if the celebs get into shotgun marriage? How 100% are you so sure that they got married just because they have a baby? The marriage could also have been planned earlier. As long as they are in relationship with marriage plan in mind, then it's up to them when they want to get marry. When they already have baby or not.

    And even if celeb had shotgun marriage, what's the problem? What about it? Is it a crime or something? Does it make their marriage a 'less good' compared to those who in long relationship before getting married and get pregnant 1-2 years after marriage? Long relationship doesn't even guarantee lifetime happiness. Either way, stop judging celebs life and how they plan their marriage or children. As long as theyre happy and living well, however they plan their life is none of your business. You're just mere stranger and spectator.

    Don't force your ideals onto other people. This is why judgmental people like you are so toxic to society.

  7. Once again, why you mad so though? It's obvious the only one with a problem is you if you think it's acceptable to bully,throw tantrums, hurl insults and use filthy language at people just because they express an opinion you don't like.

    Guess what? You are nothing but a mere stranger and spectator too. Your opinion is not in any way, shape or form more valid than mine.

    No one is forcing anything or anyone. I am allowed to express my opinion and I will do so whether you like it or not.

    You also need to watch your mouth and your own morality because it certainly says plenty about you that all you are capable of is degrading yourself by using profanity and insulting me just because you don't like that I have a different viewpoint.

    1. This bitch be thinking she has some rights to express opinion on celebs' private life which she knows nothing about hah I cant.

      Totally waste of time to argue with some pretentious idiots above. Stay being judgemental and living an ignorant life, dear.

      This comments on this article can easily be positive if you guys just focus on congratulating for the pregnancy but I don't know why you and your minions gotta bring up someone else's marriage into this and compare them and talk about the so-called "right way" of how relationship phase should be.

      You better talk less cause your old-fashioned way of thinking is totally toxic to the society. Remind me of those conservative anti-vax parents.

  8. To: Anonymous (7.a)
    SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 AT 6:49 AM

    Everyone is entitle to his/her opinion, old fashion or not. There is no need for you to be rude - even using profanity. You just "showed" us your character here.

  9. To anonymous 7a...watch your mouth before speak don't simply called someone "bitch"you and your so "open" just go to hell...

  10. It's not surprising why people would compare ZLY with this couple. Whenever somebody get marry or pregnant people will always mention her now, saying that others have done better.

    Gao yuanyuan and Liu Shishi pregnant, people compare all the hospital prices.
    Ady an pregnant, more comparisons.
    Tina Tang gets married, more comparisons.
    Of course comparing with Tang Yan as well it isn't any surprising.

    It's becoming old fashion for celebs (only celebs) to hide and lie about their relationships. It only make sense to hide if one of the spouse is non-celeb and needs to be protected, not when both are already celeb and will be in the limelight no matter what.

  11. Holy cow!! These comments have escalated like crazy. LMAO The people who used nasty insults and attacked Sunny just revealed their true intentions. Its so obvious you are either a ZLY, Ruby or Yang Mi fan (or whoever got knocked up and did a shotgun wedding). I didn't see anyone criticizing or attacking your precious celebrity so relax. Why take it so personally? It is alright to express your opinions but its not to bully and attack people. Please go somewhere else to cyberbully. Thanks.

    Anyways, I've also been rooting for TY and LJ couple for a while now. Very happy for them.