Story of Yanxi Palace Co-Stars Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan Reunite for New Drama

qin lan wu jinyan reunited republican drama
Say what you want about Yu Zheng, but he has a way of knowing what people want. The screenwriter-producer has confirmed the players in the new Republican drama Legacy 传家 (lit.) that's expected to start filming at the end of the year. More importantly, the starmaker let it fly that the series will star Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan and Zhang Nan. This means that we will see The Story of Yanxi Palace’s heroine reunited with Empress Fuca, though not in a mentor-mentee capacity but as competing sisters.

Wu Jinyan will also be reuniting with her Fighting Youth co-star Zhang Nan who has played smaller supporting roles in shows such as Legend of HaolanUntouchable Lovers and Zhao Ge. It’s widely known that Yu Zheng likes to put his newbie actors in a number of supporting roles prior to giving them a lead role so I guess Zhang Nan must have proven herself worthy. 

qin lan wu jinyan reunited republican drama

He deliberately highlighted Zhang Nan in one of his social media posts saying "I feel that the newbies are more important than the stars, just give her top-notch makeup, photography and styling and voila, her innate charm and confidence will shine through". Looks like Yu Zheng is definitely on board team Zhang Nan!

yu zheng's actress zhang nan
About one family’s succession crisis in the late 1920s, Legacy follows the three daughters of Shanghai department store giant Xinghua as they go head to head against each other to determine the true heir who will ensure the family’s continued prosperity. Although the production is another departure from Yu Zheng’s usual intrigue filled palace dramas, Legacy should have no shortage of schemes and machinations since the three Zhong sisters are each compelled to outsmart each other to win the “crown”. 

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  1. Still waiting for the day where Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai are reunited as a lead couple in a drama. I’m surprised they haven’t been given a drama yet, since I find that they were more of a popular pairing compared with the Emperor. Which is funny cause she got paired with him 3 times already.

    I’ll just continue living in my fantasy where Yingluo did not end up with the Emperor but instead ended up happily with Fu Heng.

    1. Agree for that.😊 We're the same opinion.😍

    2. I think most people started to see him made a better couple with Bai Lu who is a better actress. This might be my opinion but the girl has been rocking each role she had and hasn't had any acting controversy until now.

      They are rumored to be real couple too -more obvious before Yanxi got big, so it makes sense for YZ to push their ship anyway

  2. I think all Yanxi's actors acted v well but Charmaine 's acting was outstanding