Ruby Lin Goes Back To School For Her Masters

ruby lin
September usually marks the start of the school term for many and after a busy busy year with her toddler daughter, husband Wallace Huo and later on filming her new movie Miss Andy, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin is ready to hoick up her backpack once more with the back to school gang this semester.

Sharing a photo of her new student ID, the 43 year old is ready to tick off another item on her bucket list, pursuing a Masters degree at the Shih Hsin University in Taipei. “We can’t use busy an excuse any longer to keep us from progressing forward. I want to relive the joy of being a student, starting from scratch and learning new things all over again” says the actress. Ruby had originally planned to pursue further studies overseas upon graduating from high school. However she was forced to put a hold on her plans since her acting career was starting to take off, so going back and picking up from where she left off decades ago must be pretty fulfilling for her. Aside from snapping a photo of her ID, Ruby also posted a picture of what looks to be her university welcome packet and a school text book for organisational theory and management.  

ruby lin
As a successful actress with a toddler to boot, it’s very refreshing to find celebrities with Ruby’s attitude. And it's pretty admirable that she wants to refocus on learning and bettering herself, instead of resting on her laurels. Pretty sure that with an acting career spanning decades, the actress is probably one of the wealthiest names in the industry so for her to go back to school after all her success makes her a great example for everyone, especially to her toddler daughter Little Dolphin.

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  1. That's great she is going back to school. Always nice to see people who appreciate education.