Ni Ni Grateful for Big Break as One of the Yimou Girls

ni ni venice film festival
Yimou Girls (谋女郎) is a term that refers to actresses that got their big break from starring in Zhang Yimou's movies. Perhaps the most notable are A-listers Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi who have achieved fame not only in China but also internationally.

Love and Destiny star Ni Ni is actually another actress discovered by Zhang Yimou.  After all, it was Zhang Yimou who gave Ni Ni a chance when he was in Nanjing to cast for the 2011 movie The Flowers of War opposite Christian Bale where he ultimately recommended her to be the leading lady.

nini yimou girls
Ni Ni's subsequent projects may not have seen a string of blockbuster hits after that, but she has certainly proven her staying power and acting talents over the years. Unlike the other Yimou girls, Ni Ni has only ever worked with Zhang Yimou once. Nonetheless, she is thankful for Zhang Yimou's help that led to her big break. While attending the recent Venice Film Festival,  Ni Ni had a photo taken with Zhang Yimou's portrait which she later uploaded to Instagram with the word "Gratitude." Many were touched that Ni Ni hadn't forgotten where she started. A grateful heart truly is beautiful.  

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  1. She is SUCH a talented actress. It's so strange to me that she hasn't become a bigger name. Meanwhile, all these other sub-par actors are getting all the work. It's unfair.

    1. I agree. She is so talented especially compared to the other actresses in her age group and she is stunning. She should be huge!