Janine Chang's Camp Responds to Dating Rumors with Roy Chiu

janine chang
After being spotted together and Roy Chiu subsequently confirming that he is indeed pursuing Janine Chang, the actress's camp finally addressed the rumors saying, "Thank you for the love, there have been many rumors about Janine recently, our deepest apologies for troubling everyone. Janine is enjoying her busy work schedule at present, with regards to other things, we believe there will be a best arrangement."

Meanwhile, Roy Chiu was also asked by reporters today for the reason behind his bold declaration towards his 8-Year-Old Father co-star Janine. He said that it was intuition. He was also asked if it was to put pressure on Janine to which he responded, "Thank you for your concerns."

With regards to his decision, he reveals that he hadn't spoken with the actress beforehand because she is in Europe. He intended to reach out to her at first but because of her busy schedule, he didn't want to risk bothering her. He let on that they're still getting to know each other and would certainly share any good news if there is. He was also asked if he's pursuing Janine Chang with the intent of marrying her and the actor responded saying that it's ideal, but he will let nature take its course. 

It's surprising how open he is about all of this since the actor has left a trail of messy break-ups and dating scandals in the past which is why fans of Janine have expressed their concern and are looking out for her. But who knows? Maybe he has changed.

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  1. His career took such a nose dive after cheating on Tang Yan with Tia and later denying he even dated them both. I am sure he will chance for better but will Janine accept him with such messy past? That is a huge question which we will tell with time.

  2. I also thought he was pressuring her when he responded to the rumors.

  3. I prefer a rumour bout her and zhang han.

    1. Me too! The perfect story would be she finds a better guy than those two.

  4. If I was in Janine's situation I would definitely reject a person who made a public confession. It would rub me off the wrong way on what kind of person he is.