Family Drama Go Ahead Kicks Off Filming Today

song weilong tan songyun steven zhang xincheng
What makes a family? The family oriented drama Go Ahead 以家人之名 aims to tackle this question with an unconventional look at the modern family. Three children unrelated by blood and two fathers constitute a warm home in this new heart warming drama, proving that sometimes, family is what we choose to make of it and that blood, isnt always thicker than water.

tan songyun filming go ahead
In its boot ceremony held today, the drama also unveils its roster of actors and actresses who will be bringing this unique story to life in the small screens. Tan Songyun plays the youngest sibling cherished by her two older brothers, one of which is a dentist played by Song Weilong and a pastry chef played by Steven Zhang Xincheng. In reality, the youthful looking actress is actually the oldest among the three. Sun Yi, He Ruixian and An Ge are also in the cast. 

song weilong boot ceremony go ahead

steven zhang xincheng filming ceremony go ahead

boot ceremony go ahead

boot ceremony go ahead

boot ceremony go ahead
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  1. Ahhhhh esperando èste drama.Tan Song Yun es muy versàtil en actuaciòn asì que espero un hit. No hay fecha todavia ya que està en producciòn pero espero en pocos meses el drama ya que terminaron de filmar el 29 de Diciembre. A esperar.