Dilraba Dilmurat Gets Candid About Her Celebrity Lifestyle and Career Choices

Dilraba Dilmurat
We all know that celebs have this glamorous glow to them which makes us think they’re living perfect lives.  Easy enough when we’re presented images with them looking so glam and fab thanks to social media. But do they really have it all? While they’ll continue to live generally “unattainable” lives from the rest of us, being a celebrity is not as it's cracked up to be according to “it” girl, actress Dilraba Dilmurat

Appearing on the show Send A Hundred Ladies Home (lit.) 送一百位女孩回 on Sohu, Dilraba talks a little about herself behind the façade of glamour, saying that in private, her lifestyle and habits are not that different from normal girls. "During my downtime, I sometimes don't even bother washing my hair" says the actress, "when I don't need to put on makeup, I won't " she adds. On the topic of having an assistant, the A-lister says that having one to handle things for her is a myth, that she carries out her activities all on her own. “I don’t need an assistant to help me live my life, to wash my clothes, to go shopping for me. I can take a taxi on my own to go to my shoot locations. I can totally be on my own.” Whenever she has an entourage around her, it’s usually makeup artists and stylists sent by the studio, not a posse she has on retainer. 
Dilraba Dilmurat
The actress also reveals that that she’s been busy working since the age of 18. And because of the demands of her work - being in different filming locations and hectic shooting schedules, she’s been basically a nomad flitting from one hotel to the next with no place to call home. “I haven’t exactly decided where to settle down and put down roots yet.” she says. Used to living out of a suitcase, she says she packs up her stuff pretty quickly and has her daily routine down pat to less than twenty minutes – cosmetics pouch and toiletries, check! Bath products, check! Next, put on her sheets and pop on her pillowcase and voila! All done.

3l3w pillow book couple
With her surge in popularity in recent years, it may seem like doors are opening for her left and right but it's also worth noting that Dilraba's last drama was Sweet Dreams in 2018. She wrapped Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book last year though the show hasn't aired. According to the actress, she hasn't had a new acting project for over six months because her choices are limited. Many find her look too commercial and not appropriate for certain types of films. Her agency selects the scripts but there just aren't that many good choices. 

Being a celebrity certainly isn’t a walk in a park. Sure, you’ll have all the perks of having big bank accounts, the glamorous lifestyle, big homes and fancy cars. But at the end of the day, it's clear that not everyone is cut out to be a celebrity.

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  1. At least she realized her limitations. Best as an idol actor.

    1. That's unfair. Dilraba started her career playing the title character in a major CCTV production, and her performance was great for a 18 y.o. first time actress. It's unfortunate that now she's stuck with a bottom-feeder agency (Jaywalk).

      Also before belittling her for acting in idol dramas, remember her facial feature means it's probably difficult for her to get Han Chinese roles in serious productions.

  2. Love her attitude!

    It's true she doesn't match certain roles. That holds true for every actresses. If you look cute you won't match playing serious vice versa.
    DLRB and YZ taking on bad roles after bad roles and dumb scripts after dumb scripts have been harming them a lot. There aren't any good scripts opening up, and it's so competitive if they do, and then if the good scripts are not from their agency they cannot do them too. It is really hard and not their fault. They just have to take on projects because they need to live and people would belittle them that they don't know how to act at all. At least they didn't have water armies to say all their projects are good as long as they're in it then it's all good, I'm glad people honestly say their projects are bad because they are bad (very bad in some cases). But I hate how they get cursed at for bad acting because that's not even true, their acting has nothing to do with the scripts.

  3. I'm working since I turned 16. I think most people do that and there is nothing wrong with it. Probably her life is a bit more hectic than for most of us even though I know enough people who live from a suitcase too because of work.
    The only down side is to don't have a private life anymore. But what job does have only good sides? I like her down to earth attitude and it is better to don't do work that doesn't suit you when you a free to choose.

  4. Dilraba is so beautiful inside and out. I love her so much. Personally I have no problem with Reba' s acting wether it's a modern or historical drama. I have enjoyed all her dramas and her variety shows. I can't wait for the pillow book to air!
    I do understand with popularity comes hate. For example the most popular actresses in China right now Dilraba Zhao Liying Yangzi and Yangmi are the ones that get the most hate on this blog. Haters are just louder here but they have many fans as well that enjoy their work :)
    Anyways I hope Reba got enough rest this year and will be back with a nice drama. I would love to see her with Yang Yang in a drama. Their visuals together would be so explosive!

  5. What's up with popular actresses and their lack of scripts offer.. First Yangzi then Dilireba.. Thought they'd easily get a lot of scripts but I guess it's not the case. No wonder they always play similar innocent, silly bubbly roles in most their dramas cuz their choices are limited.