Bruce Lee's Last Known Residence is Being Demolished

bruce lee
Demolition work has begun on legendary Kung Fu master Bruce Lee's old home. On September 24, Bruce Lee Club mourned the lost of the two-storey townhouse known as the "Crane's Nest" in Kowloon Tong, posting a note on Facebook and breaking the news to fans worldwide.

It was determined that the structure has deteriorated to a level beyond repair and its owner Yu Panglin Charitable Trust has decided to demolish the hard-to-maintain building and build a new Chinese studies center for children in its place.

bruce lee
Out of courtesy to Bruce Lee fans, the demolition was delayed for two weeks as the Bruce Lee Club gathered petitions to preserve the place. Although in the end, there was no directive from the government to stop the demolition. Yu Panglin Charitable Trust assures that the colorful mosaic left by Bruce Lee and the window frames would remain in the newly constructed building.

Fans of Bruce Lee shared different sentiments about the demolition. Some were disappointed that the historical place wasn't turned to a museum but others thought that promoting his films instead of restoring the place would give more justice to his memory.

I personally think that the place could have been turned into a museum to promote not just the actor but also Chinese Kung Fu. It's quite a waste that it's been demolished now.

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