Arthur Chen and Ouyang Nana Dating Rumors Continue After Alleged Paris Rendezvous

chen feiyu ouyang nana
Like the many stars who have been jetting off to Europe as of late, Arthur Chen Feiyu and Ouyang Nana were also at Paris Fashion Week though they went for separate events with Arthur walking down the runway for the L'Oréal show and Ouyang Nana catching the Yves Saint Laurent show. However, the two found their names being linked once more due to claims by netizens who allegedly saw them together.

chen feiyu l'oreal paris
One account claims to have first spotted Arthur Chen at the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann when Ouyang Nana showed up too. As an assistant noticed the bystanders, Ouyang Nana was quickly whisked away before any photos of them were taken. 

chen feiyu ouyang nana matching outfit
True or not, it's not the first time that the two have been caught in dating rumors. This year alone, there have been reports about their matching outfits and an airport sighting of the pair together that had people speculating. There were also rumors from years ago when they starred in the 2017 coming-of-age romance film Secret Fruit.

Eh, they're both 19, still in school with such bright futures ahead. Neither have addressed the rumors though I'd be happy for them either way. 

chen feiyu ouyang nana secret fruit
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  1. I really hope they are dating and they'll end up together in the long run. Considering they're still very young it's a long stretch to wish for it but I hope for a miracle XD

  2. don't they both come from wealthy families ?