Actress Li Xiaolu Sells Clothes in Her New Online Shop

Since being caught in a scandal in 2017, it seems that Li Xiaolu's career hasn't quite recovered. Her new drama The Liar Hunter premiered and ended without much fanfare. Nevertheless, it looks like the actress has a newfound passion as she launches her online shop 3000 Concepts of Lu after half a year of preparation. 

li xiaolu
While promoting her clothing line which she also models herself, Li Xiaolu reveals that becoming a designer has always been her dream since she was young. Netizens estimated that a total of 835 pcs. were sold on opening day. At an average of 150 yuan a piece, that puts 1-day sales at 125,250 yuan (roughly 17k USD). Meanwhile, many wonder what this means for her acting career. 

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  1. I did not bother to watch her new show.But to sell just under 850 outfits in one day is not bad. she still has fans. I wonder how many are returned?

  2. I wouldn't even bother to watch her dirty face..... Let alone buy her clothes even if i get to paid to do so.... She is a w*** who destroyed a kind man heart & destroyed her own happy home... Didn't even think of her little child before she cheat,,, she doesn't deserve to be a mother