Aaron Yan Slams Netizen Who Asked About His Sexual Orientation

aaron yan asked abt sexual orientation
Nowadays, it seems people think it's normal to stick their noses into everyone's business, especially that of celebrities so the news that Aaron Yan had a brush with someone isn't really surprising. 

The actor-singer shared a screenshot of a question he received where an IG user asked him a rather personal question, "Hello, can I ask you a question, are you gay?" to which he replied "Hello, can I ask you a question, what does it have to do with you?" Wow. I gotta give it to Aaron Yan, he definitely handled this better than I expected. 

aaron yan asked abt sexual orientation
He also stated that education about gender equality is something that cannot be delayed anymore. He thanked Mirror Media for giving him a lifetime of trouble. You might remember that last November, Aaron Yan was caught in a dating scandal due to claims that he allegedly cheated on his ex-boyfriend and it was none other than Mirror Media who first released the intimate pictures of him with other men. His fans came to defend him saying that Aaron's talent is what's important. 

Why can't we just leave the guy alone? Aaron Yan must've felt offended, thus his sarcastic response and I can't say I blame him.

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