You Are My Destiny Starring Liang Jie And Xing Zhaolin Wraps Filming

you are my destiny
Good news for everyone who's been waiting for the drama You Are My Destiny 你是我的命中注定 starring Liang Jie, Xing Zhaolin, Fu Jing and Li Jiulin because they officially wrapped as of Aug 6 after four months of filming! So that means we're onto the last phase of waiting while they do post-production then the wait for airing begins.  

The Chinese drama, as you all know, is a remake of the popular Taiwanese series Fated To Love You that starred Joe Chen and Ethan RuanIn Fated To Love You, the main characters meet on a cruise ship. Both are dealing with their personal problems -- the female lead is down in the dumps because of her cheating boyfriend and the male lead is stood up once again by his girlfriend -- somehow, these two end up in bed together. They part ways detesting each other, only to meet again because of an unexpected news - yes, she gets knocked up. 

liang jie you are my destiny
xing zhaolin you are my destiny
In the Chinese adaptation, the love story is quite different. The two meet on a cruise going to Hungary and fall instantly in love. They get married as soon as they see a chance and of course, the pregnancy comes later on. Wow, talk about a whirlwind romance, huh? 

So far, there has barely been anything behind the scenes showing the cast as their characters. Given that they're portraying such a memorable story, I guess the question on everyone's minds will be, can they pull it off? 

fu jing you are my destiny
filming wrap you are my destiny

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  1. Funny. I was just thinking about this drama the other night. Crazy how fast time went by when they first announced it. But whoa. The Chinese version is def. a bit different from the original from the looks of it. Not sure how I feel about that yet but I'm excited to see this version.

    1. I watched the Taiwan Drama then and felt...well...underwhelmed. That surely wasn't a healthy relationship, so no wonder they had misunderstandings everywhere. But audience loved it.

      I'm curious how this will turn out. Surely will check it and decide after a few episodes when it airs next year or so.

  2. I just loved them in eternal love season 1 but still if they made it more well written... Passed season 2...
    &can't wait for this remake of fated l8ce it is a hit formla every remake was a hit the thai, Korean it was great & sometimes better than original i did really loved the thai.... Wish them success & let it be subbed... Please

  3. I loved the Taiwanese version, the OG. It might have been one of those dramas where you had to have watch it back then and also just go along with the story line instead of struggling to make sense of everything. The Korean was MEH for me, although newer drama watchers liked it better. Will definitely give this one a try.