Vicki Zhao Teases Huang Xiaoming for Being the Dominant CEO in Chinese Restaurant 3

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If going on a reality show is a way to boost fame and improve one's image, then I guess this is one of those times when you just can't have everything. Huang Xiaoming has found himself the subject of criticism due to his domineering personality as the restaurant manager in the reality show Chinese Restaurant 3. Many found that he is overbearing and full of himself because he is portrayed as someone who refuses to listen to his crew, argues with the chef and wants things done his own way. Netizens had a field day making fun of the actor's infamous lines on the show that have become known as 'Ming' teachings (明学)

vicki zhao huang xiaoming classmates
Vicki Zhao Wei whose an old classmate from Beijing Film Academy and longtime friend of Huang Xiaoming was actually a mainstay in Chinese Restaurant's first two seasons. As the previous restaurant manager, she had this to say at a recent meetup with Huang Xiaoming as she shared a photo of them together and the caption, "The restaurant manager has worked hard.  This summer, a lot of our happiness is built on your pain.  Work hard and do a good job. I don't want what you think, I want what I think! Jiayou! Happy classmates getting together to work.

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 Zhao Wei was actually quoting Huang Xiaoming when as restaurant manager he told Yang Zi"I don't want what you think, I want what I think! You think it's useless but I think it's useful okay?" Qin Hailu reacted, "So dominant!" Even his cast mates are sharing a good laugh about it as both Karry Wang and Yang Zi had a spiel on the show where they were imitating Huang Xiaoming's mannerisms. 

 yang zi karry wang chinese restaurant 3 imitating huang xiaoming
Being a good sport, Huang Xiaoming says that Zhao Wei can already graduate from Ming teachings. He hopes he can provide more happiness (at his expense).

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  1. Atleast he is not faking it & being himself... I think he is honest & not pretending.... Best wishes... This audience want somone to fool them in front the camera & show his dirty fce in reality