Take a Walk with Timmy Xu and Tan Songyun in New Drama Dear Mayang Street

Stroll down memory lane as youth drama Dear Mayang Street 亲爱的麻洋街 brings you back with a throwback to life in the 80s. Sepia toned photographs never fail to put me in a nostalgic mood and the old fashioned buses not to mention the retro school uniforms the show's stars are wearing in the just released teaser will certainly bring you back to your childhood days. 

This is Mayang street, home to six families and a veritable constant to the different seasons in each family's lives that span three decades.

Produced by Blowing in the Wind’s Gao Mingqian, Dear Mayang Street stars the multi-hyphenate Timmy Xu Weizhou and Niu Junfeng who some of you might remember as Yu Zirui from The Brightest Star in The Sky, as two guys who both fall for the same girl played by actress Tan Songyun of With You fame.

To those of you who haven't yet taken a walk down Mayang street, its residents await you. 

Some more fun photos of the cast and crew posted tonight after the filming for the drama finally wrapped after 102 days!

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