Super Junior's Eunhyuk Was The Chief Director At TFBOYS' 6th Anniversary Concert

Super Junior Eunhyuk TFBOYS
Music truly unites people from different backgrounds or in this case, countries. 

The TFBOYS consisting of Roy Wang, Karry Wang, and Jackson Yee held a concert on August 10, 2019 in Shenzhen for their 6th year anniversary where Super Junior's Eunhyuk attended wearing an orange shirt, the official fan color of the band! But it turns out he wasn't just there to fanboy because the Korean singer-actor was revealed to be the concert's chief director!

Super Junior Eunhyuk TFBOYS concert

Super Junior Eunhyuk TFBOYS concert

Super Junior Eunhyuk director TFBOYS

According to Karry Wang, they did not have a clue that they were going to work with Eunhyuk at first. They were meeting with the director during rehearsals when Eunhyuk suddenly came. Even though it was a surprise, they are happy to have been given the opportunity to work with him. Meanwhile, Roy Wang revealed that both the Chinese and Korean staff were responsible, dedicated, and had the chance to learn from each other while preparing for the then-upcoming concert. They also had some help from Singaporean composer, Paul Lee, when it came to the musical arrangement. 

TFBOYS 6th anniv concert

TFBOYS expressed their gratitude for their senior, Eunhyuk through a post on their social media account and said that they look forward to more collaboration with him in the future. Also, the Taiwanese band, Mayday, went to the concert and gave the boys their guitars as a present.

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