Stars of Destiny's Love Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen's Sweet Dating Confession

destiny's love xu lu zhang mingen
Some happy news to report you guys! It looks like the week is shaping up to be a good one with a forecast of “sweet with a chance of romance”. Today’s unexpected confirmation from rumoured lovebirds Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen makes me really think that love is officially in the air this summer.. well, at least for C-ent’s stars. 

xu lu zhang mingen
Now some of you might not be so surprised especially since the Destiny’s Love couple has always been followed by dating speculations ever since filming the drama with several sightings of them being sweety sweety with each other in the past. Well today, the lovebirds have made it official to their fans in the cutest way ever!

xu lu zhang mingen dating
In true millennial form, the good looking actor posted a short vlog on his social media page of him and bae Xu Lu with the caption “The vlog is yours, you are mine @Xu Lu” to which his pretty girlfriend reposted on her social media page with a response back to him captioned “The vlog is mine, you are also mine @ Zhang Mingen”. Oh my, their banter is so cute! So there you have it folks, c-ent’s second official couple of the summer, Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen. 

xu lu zhang mingen dating
PS. This just in: Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen are going to be on the second season of the reality show Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱 with a poster bearing the caption "You are mine, I am yours" that plays off what the pair wrote on their social media. Could this be the reason why the couple made the announcement today?

xu lu zhang mingen meeting mr. right
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