Mid-Series Thoughts and Novel Comparisons: The King's Avatar

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The decision to add The King's Avatar 全职高手 to my watch list is admittedly greatly influenced by Yang Yang. So, wanting to come prepared before writing a feature led me to dig for the novel online. 

Now, the web novel was released in 2013. Hence, it can be said that the narrative is a commendable written work to survive for a long time. Having to mentally gear up to embark on The King's Avatar journey is a given for me; since no.1, I am a hopeless romantic and no.2, I know nothing about E-sports. 

king's avatar gaming yang yang
Additionally, my Chinese literature experience was limited to required readings when I was studying. Nonetheless, turning the pages of the novel while watching the drama at the same time became an accidental euphoric leisure activity. The more I delved into its chapters, the more engrossed I became with Ye Xiu. For the record, fangirls like me can easily go on an obsessive streak for fictional characters. Ye Xiu is no exception, given how sleek and smart his character was pictured in the story. 

king's avatar gaming yang yang lord grim
Objectively, Yang Yang deserves an applause for immersing to an interestingly-woven role. Because it's really hard to give distinction to how he suits up as Ye Xiu and his in-game character Lord Grim. Capturing Ye Xiu's intellect, humor, bluntness and conviction, while flashing those adorable smirks was just a done deal. 

The storytelling of The King's Avatar is a gift. Every nuance of the hero's emotions was captured in an engaging tone that is graspable even by E-sports newbies like me. The friendship stories and all those celebrations from the game victories tacitly remind us of how it is easy to find happiness in the small things. Moreover, Ye Xiu's inspiring persistence pushes the importance of not giving up on your personal dreams. These and more have created a binding link to its viewers.

king's avatar gaming yang yang yang yang
So far, the drama has capitalized on its underdog theme while strictly following the flow of the original content. Therefore, cheering for the multifaceted hero to claim the redemption he deserves is expected.

king's avatar gaming characters
Little by little, getting accustomed to dungeon clearing, arena battles, levelling up sessions, becomes a natural thing to do once you have become immersed in the world of Glory. The E-sports game has layered the vibrancy of The King's Avatar's projected fictional place. A great deal of hard work to present Glory is evident from the visual effects team. That's another reason for this series to get the appreciation it deserves.

king's avatar gaming jiang long
Halfway through the series, differences from the novel presentation is evident. We don't see Ye Xiu with a cigarette stick yet. But that's actually for the benefit of the young audience I think. When watching something that you read, it is normal to have varying imaginations. Character-wise, I am happy that so far the characters, especially my favorite blabbermouth Huang Shaotian (Jiang Long), were all justified. 

king's avatar gaming maggie jiang shuying
When Maggie Jiang Shuying, who portrays Chen Guo finally learns of Ye Xiu's identity, her fangirl moments were just utterly cute looking back at how she used to bicker carelessly with her idol. Her zesty character blends well with Li Muchen's Tang Rou, who has been consistent with her determined and stubborn personality. 

king's avatar gaming female cast
Inevitably forming the quirky Team Happy are Lai Yumeng's Su Mu Cheng, and Lai Yi's 
Bao Rongxing. Rounding up Ye Xiu's support team are Fan Jinwei's Xiao Yi Fan and Sun Ning's Luo Ji.

king's avatar gaming
Swiftly moving, Ye Xiu's adventure highlights have been contrived efficiently with enough room for the second half stretch of the story. From first kill to dungeon records, the ambitious shift to real and game worlds has fully recreated the game character skills that were once only described in words into reality.

king's avatar team happy
Traversing the selling guide arc, All-Star weekend, Happy Guild establishment, Ye Xiu's entrance to Heavenly Domain and the participation to the Challenger League to enter the PRO-league - the future episodes are strengthening the road to realizing Ye Xiu's dream. 


  1. I've seen the anime and read like 170 chapters worth of the novel. But my fav character would be huang shaotian. I could listen to him blabber on non-stop. ��

  2. nice cast, good directing, the cg effect is so good, highly focus on gaming, all characters are so funny and the personalities are clearly stated if you watched the drama in details, the production team need to be highly praised, they even pay attention to small details like clothes, phone msg, notes taken by players, phone calls answered, small details on actings bring alots points, funny and great storyline. OST are so nice and if you like gaming, you will like this drama, bring back so much passion,awesome drama

  3. netflix is subbing this. there are 10 episodes available in english

  4. I don't know if I shuld watch it because I'm afraid I'll become annoyed (again) by Chen Guo. She was the reason I stopped watching the anime.
    Not because she's HORRIBLE, it's just that I don't want to watch her fall in love with the hero, I really don't want him to ends up with her.
    But I want to watch it…


    1. Based on the indication going so far on the drama, they are really keeping the romance to the minimum. As of ep 24 I haven't really seen any hint of romance yet. However compared the anime, the change they made to Chen Guo in the drama made her a more annoying character but is bearable with the overall story.

  5. Well written piece. Being hardcore fan of King's Avatar anime, I too am impressed that the drama did very well on those points you have mentioned.

  6. Honestly my only gripe with the drama is how they couldn't even make Yang Yang's avatar look like him. They did such a good job for all, if not all, other actors, but not YY's. Honestly I find that JMX looks like korean actor Kim Rae Won instead of Yang Yang -.-

  7. Only scored 7.0 on Douban. so, drama could be much better. On the other hand the animated movie bombed critically...

  8. I like the drama so far. The only annoying character is Chen Guo. I skipped some scenes which has her in them. Some difference are noticeable between the drama and novel. Such as Mo Fan being much colder in the novel.
    My favorite character is of course Huang Shaotian, I adore his blabbermouth character!

  9. The girl in his new team, close friend of the internet cafe boss, is hot.

  10. please don't put a dash in esports ffs