Livestreamer Face Reveal Shocks Viewers

qiao biluo
Remember the iconic scene when Princess Mia’s face was finally revealed behind her BEFORE photos in her makeover on The Princess Diaries? Well, the week’s surprise reveal behind live streaming host Qiao Biluo’s voice was less grand in scale but still so dramatic in the punch that it packed. If you were checking for celebrities on Weibo, then you would've seen the livestreamer as the top trending topic.

Was it an epic PR stunt or was it an unintentional technical slip up? That is the question Netizens are asking when they got a special preview of the host’s visage on screen.  In the past, she’d never ever revealed her face on screen and is usually obscured behind an emoji so viewers only have her sweet voice to relate to. Previously, she would also share photos on social media. Though she never claimed the photos to be herself, many thought that it was her. Now that it’s been exposed to the world, we can see that a sweet middle aged auntie is behind the equally sweet voice of Qiao Biluo.

Surprised? I’m kinda... not. The live broadcast industry still remains mainly unregulated so pretty much anything goes really. As to auntie and her live stream, she’s admitted that “the reveal” was an intentional ploy. While it seems to have landed her in hot water as fans left en masse, surprise surprise her number of followers skyrocketed (post promotion) and jumped up to more than 5 times the original. Not bad huh for a day’s work. Unfortunately though, things aren’t doing so great for her after the slew of outraged Netizens saw the closure of her platform on Douyu. 

The internet really is an amazing thing and you can really be literally anyone you wanna be in it. Poor auntie though with her show shut down - did her face really have such a huge impact that it sank a production? I mean, followers were perfectly happy interacting with an emoji in the past so putting a face to the name so to speak really shouldn't matter that much after all eh?

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  1. Dramapanda articles used to brief and compacted but I've noticed this Chase She writes too long and unprofessionally. And topics she covers are mostly gossip worthy that baiting for fanwars. ������

    Anne is still the best writer on here.

    1. Hey there! Thanks for your feedback. I'll keep it short and sweet next time :)

    2. @chase shê : Eh, I dont mind reading article like this, it’s nice to know what is happening on weibo, since weibogo doesnt update as often as they used to. I think your work is fine

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    I thought it was of interesting read. Don't let others silent you from your voice of reason. As I say if they think they are right (they probably have a reason) and same will apply to me (which is you in this case). You'll gonna get many negative comments, don't fall for it. Jiayou!!

  3. Thank you for this article. It was interesting and I like how detailed it was. I hope to get more articles like this.

  4. I like these kind of articles as well, the more info the better. If people don't like the topic they can always click away.

  5. I don't mind these articles at all. It's fun sometimes to read what's going on around the entertainment business. I can't read Chinese, so I appreciate these posts. Also, if I don't like the topic, I'll just skip off the post. No big deal. Keep up the great work, Chase.