Li Bingbing's Manly Look for GQ China

li bingbing
It's really amazing how just a hairstyle can greatly change someone's look, even to the point of turning a gorgeous woman into a charming man. 

li bingbing men's suit
Li Bingbing has recently been the subject of attention over pictures of her manly transformation in the famous Men's Magazine, GQ China. The beautiful actress can be seen sporting a rugged hairstyle while wearing an assorted number of suits for the shoot. 

li bingbing gq china
Other than the pictures, a video showing how the transformation happened was also shared by Li Bingbing herself. After putting a wig on the actress's head, the stylists began trimming it to achieve the perfect hairstyle that would suit her male alter ego. That and some make-up tweaks has definitely turned the beautiful Li Bingbing into a heartthrob. Admittedly, there's still a feminine vibe going on in her look but I'm not sure if it's just because I know it's her underneath the fake hair and makeup. Overall, my final say is that she will surely make a fine leading man.

li bingbing chinese actress
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  1. I really thought she is beautiful man... It is weird... Not pleasant thing to watch

  2. I have to say, I'm actually quite the fan of people who can pull off looking like a male or female, it has something quite appealing to it.

  3. Before reading the name, and seeing the opening picture, oh he is so beautiful!!! Who is he??? Omg, she is pulling off a super beautiful man. Yeah, (s)he will surely become a cross dressing leading man in coffee prince like projects.

  4. I think this only works on women with small face and longer or sharper chin like LBB and Sebrina Chen. Not all women will pull this off.