Kris Wu's Rumored Girlfriend Says They're Not Dating And There's No Story

kris wu rumored gf
A few things happened yesterday that linked a Beijing Film Academy student named Luna to Kris Wu. Luna was spotted holding hands with a man who is presumed to be Kris Wu. Furthermore, there were leaked conversations of Kris Wu with a mystery woman going around the internet.  

video fake
As a student, not much is known about Luna. Her Chinese name is Qin Zheng Niu Wei and she just turned 21 this month. She's an internet celeb who's more popular on the Douyin app and had a small palace maid role in Story of Yanxi Palace. It looks like the aspiring actress may be gearing up to formally debut as her work studio was also established this month. Yet it seems that she's achieved fame sooner rather than later. 

luna denies dating rumors
In response to the rumors trending last night, Luna's studio immediately commented that the alleged video chat with Kris Wu was fake! Furthermore, Luna finally breaks her silence a day after reports broke out. She says, "Have always respected Teacher Wu, there's no dating, no video and no story." 

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