Kris Wu's Private Conversation Leaked Online, Alleged Girlfriend Draws Ire

kris wu luna
Kris Wu has been trending all day after news broke that he is reportedly dating a Beijing Film Academy student named Luna. Kris has not made any comment about it, yet netizens generally seemed supportive if the actor-singer were indeed confirmed to be dating.

kris wu
However, a leaked video on the same evening seems to have changed public sentiment. In the video, a girl (presumed to be Luna) is holding her phone and video chatting with Kris Wu. Kris can be heard asking if she's turning on the video. She responds, "I don't look so good today." Kris reveals that he's going onstage soon and she says, "Drink lots of hot water." She explains that she doesn't look good today and apologizes again for not turning on the video. He asks if she'll be responding to his messages later. She explains that she's watching dramas. When he complains about it, she says, "Why are you being so mean? Aren't you going onstage soon" Kris laughs and brings up that she has to respond. She says, "I'll try, I'll try." She tells him to go onstage and they say bye to each other.

Separately, an audio presumably of both has also leaked online where he tells her to get in when she sees his car and sees him. She says, "Oh my god! I'm about to cry." With the leaked recordings, it's hard not to make assumptions. Many are feeling bad for Kris Wu and questioning the girl's motivations and how the video was taken in the first place.  I really don't know what to make of this though, it seems bad press to be doing all of this on purpose. Update: There are also speculations that the girl in the video is not even Luna but someone else. 

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  1. Looks like a malicious press trying to do black marketing for Kris Wu. So many trash paparazzi/journalist these days... All they do is gossipping and intruding into someone's personal life tsk

  2. How they get the record... Why it get fimled in the first place i feel bad for chris... & i really doubt his girlfriend

  3. i think people need to stop judging his personal life. the girl is playing games that's what young people do when it comes to pull and push in young relationships. it's fairly normal and i'm sure he is smart to know this. she isn't doing anything that other young folks dating are doing. the only difference is their lives are getting exposed which is unfortunate for kris because he deserves to have his own personal life and have a relationship. imagine creating music about love and not having been through it? it's laughable. lol.

  4. Ughh...the girl voice on the video chat does not even match Luna's voice. Update just came in this morning that it belongs to another Beijing drama academy student, a barely or probably not yet legal 17 yr old student who ranks first in class of 2019. So how many ladies do this hook-up King having relationship with at the same time? I really dont care about this douchebag and his news but his team is dragging my idol and a dozen other celebs last night via rumors and fake news to deviate the attention from his sex-capade, yeah...this gets on my nerve.
    Chronologically this is what happens in Weibo yesterday:
    Morning: breaking news of him caught on video with Luna. Public perception: ohhhh he is so romantic, we all wish to date an idol too, bla bla bla
    Late morning: cnetz starts posting of wechat and pics of him asking for dates or hookup with several internet stars all around the same timeframe early 2019 to very recent. Public perception: wait...what is this?
    Afternoon: the above leaked videos purportedly leaked by the girl (actually leaked by his PR team) Public perception: ohh he is gullible, this girl is trash, bla bla bla
    Early evening: all trending rumors flying around from Fang Bing Bing giving birth, Luna also flirts with Tommy Xu, some random pic showing either Li Yi Feng or Deng Lun with random girl in a car, etc...too many to mention. All are fakes news and shot down quickly with evidence.
    This morning: trending topic of the above video not belonging to Luna was pressed down in weibo even with big view count, someone paid big bucks to keep it under the radar. You tell me who would do that?

    1. You are right and also how can we just make assumptions without the official announcement from kris. I think this whole drama needs a break.
      How can a single person be involved in so many things at the same time.
      Its completely rubbish

  5. honestly I don't know what to believe anymore, fans are now doing this post of hashtag of kris wu girlfriend facts!!!, asking to spread the message around saying Please retweet to help more ppl learn the truth. Trust me the only way to learn the trust is by kris himself saying what really happen. but lets be clear not even as an artist kris himself knows he can't really say the truth, but only he can speak out. For sure for sure that was him in the video holding her hand, and he was taking her to his place. That's something no one can denied, but out of all of this why did luna had to come out a say something. Why hasn't kris been the one to say something sometimes I ask myself does kris really care about his fans. This is the time he is needed the most but yet remains silent. Some of his fans are still hurting while others are out here go out of there way and try there best to clear off all of these rumors to make peace yet!! not one word from him. DAME KRIS BRO, say something even if is a fucking lie/truth coming out your mouth at least let us know you are doing ok. Is that to much to ask???