Go Go Squid! in Hot Water over a Map in Episode 39

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One thing about having a show that is watched by a lot of people is that you have to be careful. And if the internet has taught us anything, it's that netizens have the eyes of a hawk. Take the case of the widely-popular drama series Go Go Squid! which stars Yang Zi and Li Xian. It went from receiving love to the center of controversy shortly after it ended. 

On episode 39, a map was shown on the screen as the characters competed at the Pro League Season 8. C-netz noticed that Taiwan and Hainan were highlighted in a different color as Mainland China and that Aksai Chin, Zangnan and other areas seemed to have incorrect borders. Without going into the political disputes, these are places being claimed by China. Moreover, Hainan is the country's southernmost province.

As the topic blew up, iQiyi and Tencent took down the episode and made revisions before putting it back online. Episode 39 also went missing from Youtube before it was uploaded again. 

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As the show was criticized for its negligence, Yang Zi seems to have bore the brunt of netizens' vitriol since she is reportedly one of the investors in Go Go Squid! Nonetheless, there are those who don't mind it since they enjoyed the drama immensely. Taiwanese director Chu Yu-Ning who was accused of having pro-independence views said that he has never seen the map nor was he the one who made it. He is also not listed as a director as he only did some work on the drama before other directors stepped in. 

The government-run People's Daily Online has called out Go Go Squid! for using a map that did not meet the country's requirements and that its Ministry of Natural Resources will deal with the suspected violations in accordance with the law.  

The way I see it, I don't think singling out Yang Zi will do any good as I'm very sure it wasn't her job to look at these.  What do you guys think?

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  1. These people really have too much time in their hands.
    prop team may loss their bonus....

  2. It's just a map, plus it's just a drama. Who the hell focus on the map when you should be overall focusing on the drama/plot/romance. Those C-netizen are just looking for a fight!!

  3. Forreal. It's just a map. A freakin map. It's a map in a FICTION drama. For a game! It should not even be taken literally. People just really want something to complain about.

  4. Yeang zi has nothing to do with this, plus it's not just a map, the editors who made it should have practice diligence

  5. Yang Zi has nothing to do with this for goodness sake... Why cnetz put the blame on the girl?

  6. They shot this in 2018, you would think the editors would have done a better job to catch something like this. Unless, someone really really hates the rise of Yang Zi and Li Xian.