FT Island's Lee Hong Ki Receives Draft Notice

lee hong ki
Oh my. I think 2019 is really the year that all my favorite idols are going on hiatus because after EXO's DO's surprise enlistment (without even giving my heart a break from Xiumin's!), another K-pop idol is going in! 

I'm talking about FT Island's Lee Hong Ki who's received his draft notice and is expected to serve as an active duty soldier starting September 30. Gah, life is really difficult for a K-ent fan girl like yours truly. Hmm, I guess I should've expected it since the FT Island lead singer is actually 29 years old already despite his extremely youthful appearance. 

Many of you are probably aware that South Korea has a two-year mandatory military service requirement for all their male citizens who are healthy and fit. Thus even idols between the ages of 18 and 30 must all enlist with their service lasting between 21 to 24 months. 

Lee Hong Ki gained international fame after his stint in You're Beautiful acting as the rival of Jang Geun Suk. He recently starred in the web drama I Hate You, Juliet! and has released his solo EP, Do n Do last October 2018. 

I don't know if I'll ever get used to the pain of not seeing my idols for almost two years but oh well, this is for their country so, serve well in the near future, oppa!


  1. All of my faves already went in the first quarter this year so.. . I feel your pain. Atleast we still have our Chinese baes!!!

  2. Who tf care about Korean celebs on this blog?? What a useless article.

    Please do more coverage on other dramas like the current hit drama, A Little Reunion for example . The writers on here keep being biased, cherry-pick and unprofessional with the news they chose to cover.

    1. Maybe is useless for you. But not for someone else. Just don't read if you not interest with the article.