Feng Shaofeng and Yuan Shanshan Headline the Tech Pioneering Drama Great Age

feng shaofeng yuan shanshan great age
Great Age 代 is an entrepreneurship-themed drama which, from its rather patriotic sounding title, is one of those dramas commissioned to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. 

If you recall, China's broadcasting authority previously called for a halt on historical and idol dramas that are "too entertaining" from being aired within 100 days of its 70th anniversary in October. And to set the mood for the national day celebrations, shows with specific themes will undoubtedly make the cut. So brace yourselves for sprinkles of patriotism in the shows that will be airing for the next few months. 

feng shaofeng great age
The year is 1978 and China is gradually opening up to the world with the policies it has implemented as part of its economic reform.

In what must be his first drama after welcoming a bouncing baby boy with his wife Zhao Liying in March of this year, actor Feng Shao Feng throws us back to the past in the drama Great Age with a look at the old school definition of a “Start Up” business - 70s style. He will play the role of Kuang Mingchou, a tech entrepreneur wanna-be who, together with his friends set out to take advantage of the opportunities presented by introducing innovations and reforms to the state of technology at the cusp of modernization. 

Set against a backdrop of a changing China, expect the drama to deliver retro feels (and looks) as it pays tribute to the dreamers who dared to dream big as they worked hard to become pioneers in the Chinese tech industry as we know it today. 

Truthfully, an entrepreneurship themed drama might not be everyone's cup of tea (mine included). But anyone interested in technology or modern history might wanna give this a go. In the run-up to national day, will this drama make it to the shows on your list to watch? Or will you be watching something else?

tech pioneer drama great age cast
Anyway, the production has just wrapped up filming on August 8, 2019 and has obliged to give us all a sneaky peek into its wrap party as well as a first look at the stars who'll be taking us on this throwback to the 70s. Aside from Feng Shao Feng, you'll be seeing some familiar faces in Yuan Shanshan, Qiao Zhenyu, Feeling Pan Zhilin, Gong Lei, Dong Qian and Li Hongtao who will all feature in the drama.

tech pioneer drama great age filming wrap
tech pioneer drama great age filming wrap
tech pioneer drama great age filming wrap
tech pioneer drama great age filming wrap

tech pioneer drama great age filming wrap
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  1. Looks like the couple FSF-ZLY is following HW-YM couple's example of working hard. They rested for a long time, but child is still too young to come back working. Thought that FSF claimed his wife love acting very much so he'll be the person sacrificing. Looks like both are actually unwilling to slow down. Will netizens be lenient to this couple because they are not as hated unlike HW-YM?