Elva Hsiao Turns 40 and Confirms Dating Rumors with Younger Boyfriend

elva hsiao justin huang
Love is in the air for Elva Hsiao who just turned 40 today and has made a not-so-surprising dating announcement. Elva posted photos with her 24-year-old boyfriend Justin Huang Hao with the words, "Love is for us to be together."  

elva hsiao turns 40
As early as 2017, there have been rumors online about Elva dating Justin when the latter was reportedly seen staying at Elva's home overnight.  Justin Huang, an aspiring actor, is a still very much a newcomer to showbiz and except for landing a role in a coffee commercial, he has no significant projects yet. Nonetheless, the 183 cm young man definitely fits the bill for Elva's type of dating younger, handsome hunks. 

Elva's penchant for younger men hasn't gone unnoticed as many have commented that Elva's boyfriends seem to be getting younger from actors Sunny WangKai Ko, Singapore businessman Elroy Cheo and golfer Michael Chen. There's a running joke about how Elva should really divurge her dating secrets.
elva hsiao dating younger man
Elva Hsiao's relationships have proven that age is really just a number when it comes to love.  Hopefully, they find happiness with each other and i pray they last more than just a couple of years.  

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